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In a recent article/blog update on Nerdist, there was this quote from Mark Ruffalo..Ruffalo teased only a bit about what we might have in store from that character. “The Vision is the Vision,” he began. “He is so dope. And he’s my baby. Yeah he’s pretty incredible. And the idea of him and where he comes from…he’s very independent. He, he’s is a really great character. Yeah, people are gonna love the Vision.

The part that caught my attention enough to make this post was the "and he's my baby" part. So, we know Banner and Stark have been doing the science bros. thing and they have been working on a lot of projects together and separate, so, Tony builds Ultron, and Bruce builds Vision??

The article also gives hints about the fight between Hulk and Iron Man in his Hulkbuster suit might not be what it seems....


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