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By now, you are probably well-aware of the leaked trailer that got out six days ago for the highly anticipated [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035). There was a lot of fervor surrounding the REAL trailer, and the movie looks really good. But, there's a MASHUP trailer that has been released that, if made into a real movie, I think would be pretty amazing too.

Check out the animated classic with an Avengers twist, made by Nerd Reactor below:

Everything matches up so well. But the part that has me dying of laughter is how this manages to make Pinocchio go from a well-meaning wannabe real-boy to some kind of creepy anti-hero.

"You're all puppets... tangled in... strings..."

"Strings..." this playful Pinocchio-cat interaction looks so much more sinister and foreboding with the Avengers score and James Spader's voice adding a completely new dimension to what we all thought was just a children's movie.

There's anarchy and mayhem in the city... no one is safe.


Yikes! Not sure how this scene even made it into the real Pinocchio movie in the first place to be honest.

But then, we have an action sequence that is actually cut perfectly, followed by...

"And now... there are no strings on me..." uttered by Ultron, or James Spader, through the body of Pinocchio.


(via geektyrant)


Would you see this version of Pinocchio?


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