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[Annabelle](movie:1217914) Review by @CdnMountainMan (Follow on twitter @CdnMountainMan)

The synopsis of the movie as IMDB states is 'A couple begin to experience terrifying supernatural occurrences involving a vintage doll shortly after their home is invaded by satanic cultists.' The movie starts out with a young religious couple that are about to have a baby. The wife hears a scream next door her husband investigates and while he is investigating the neighbours who happen to be cultists in the Disciples of the Ram attack the wife and stab her in the stomach before they are killed by police. A drop of blood from the female cultist hits the vintage doll which is the apparent trigger to allow all of the supernatural events to occur later on. Everyone survives the attack including the baby and that is when everything hits the fan in the home.

For a thriller/horror movie it dragged on so much in the beginning the lead in on the family. The story laid out for them along with the attack upon the family and then the baby coming into the picture just took so long for them to tell. I was watching the clock wondering when something was actually going to happen and by the time things started getting a little more action packed if you could call it that the runtime was already half over or just under half. I don't exactly remember when things got 'better' because it certainly couldn't get worse. Ok, I lied it could be written by Michael Bay and named TMNT.

There were the typical weird supernatural events happening shadows running around, the doll moving, the stove being turned on almost burning down the house because of some JiffyPop. The family moves into a new apartment and think perhaps things will get better but of course they don't. Eventually things get strange enough that the wife begins to investigate further and heads to a library and runs into a woman who gives her further insight and knowledge about what is happening. You find out that she was directly affected in a similar manner and almost killed herself over it.

There are some other incidents throughout the movie that make it a little more palatable with a dark demonic figure appearing at times to the wife. It gave me some hope but in the end it still was a major let down. I don't know why I continue to hope that these movies will give me the scare I'm looking for it. It seems like the horror/thriller genre is really lacking and I just want to go back to the old school ones not for the scare but for the sheer comedy of the formula that worked in all the almost episodic movies (Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street etc). In the end the wife finds out that the spirit in the doll is looking for a sacrifice of a life and soul of their baby girl. She goes back to the apartment and grabs the doll she climbs onto the balcony and prepares to throw herself off. Her husband and the librarian attempt to talk her down and succeed and in a quick instant the librarian grabs the doll and hops up on the balcony without the husband and wife noticing. They turn and see her and attempt to talk her down but she accepts the idea of sacrificing herself so she can be with her daughter and takes the final plunge.

Just wasn't creepy enough or scary enough to really keep my attention. I had a hard time staying interested in the movie and not pay attention to all my social media notifications. The old cliches and rocking chair creaking, home appliances turning on just didn't cut it for me at all. I wouldn't ever want to see this movie again. I certainly wouldn't recommend it to anyone at any point really. Not worth the buy, not worth a rental.

1.5 Beards Out of 5


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