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Teresa Price

So the first Saw movie is going to be 10 years old? Happy birthday mate!

From the moment I started watching I knew this was a movie full of imagination - sure it's twisted,even a bit sadistic but boy how I loved it.I mean come on,how many of you guessed where the brains behind the operation was?How many shrieks and gasps of horror as the story unfolded and how many of you sat and wondered "Could I do that" to escape.

So many movies are just a rehash of old ideas so it was very refreshing to watch and be entertained - plenty of blood,gore and "Oh my God I think I'm going to throw up" moments and best of all more Saw movies!

And don't forget - the moral of the story - yes there was a moral to each of the stories.There was a lesson to be learnt - IF you survive.How well do you live your life?What sacrifices are you willing to make to survive?Are you willing to kill to live?

The scariest part for me? That mask - if being taken wasn't bad enough you get taken by something out of your nightmares!

Sleep tight tonight - and always check behind you.....


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