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One of the most highly anticipated and asked-for titles of Marvel's modern day run is finally coming to the big screen, marking the first ever modern Marvel movie to star a bonafide superheroine: Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel.

pictured: moviepilot staff for the past year
pictured: moviepilot staff for the past year

Said Marvel President Kevin Feige:

I want to make it very clear that this Captain Marvel’s name is Carol Danvers... Captain Marvel is one of, if not the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

While that may seem like a hefty promise, that meaning applies to more than just Carol's powers. Often seen as a beacon of inclusivity due to her empathy for women, people of color and everyone who marches to the beat of a different drum, Carol Danvers has a passionate and vocal following that is partially responsible for promoting her from her previous role as Ms. Marvel. Her protege, the first Pakistani American female superhero, has enjoyed an already successful run since her announcement.

Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel
Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel

Also, she once hit a shark ... with another shark.

Your move, Batman.
Your move, Batman.

With abilities that rival many superheroes and a sense of courage that historically made up for her temporary loss of abilities in the comics, Captain Marvel stands as Marvel's response to DC's announcement of a Wonder Woman standalone for June of 2017; a race to the first female superhero film for today's audiences (wiping clean the slate of previous films like Catwoman and Supergirl... shudder) that, by date, will see Wonder Woman debut first.

While I love both Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel, I'm obviously a little nervous about what will happen with my favorite Amazonian Princess. Marvel, for what it's worth, still struggles a little with making their female characters shine (outside of Black Widow, who isn't getting her own film in Phase 3) but has a grasp on inclusivity that should make for an entertaining film for all audiences.

So far, there are no specifics on casting or storyline but what's for certain is that Carol will be entering this world as Captain Marvel, so it'll be interesting to see how her previous status as Ms. Marvel is handled, if at all.

While several movie titles are now trending on Twitter, Carol Danvers trends by her first name as fans seemingly roar in approval of the superheroine's upcoming arrival to the MCU.


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