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Jerome Maida

Wow!Now THAT is what fans have been waiting for. In the span of an hour, fans learned:

1.) "Captain America 3" is now officially "Captain America 3: Civil War" and will indeed have Rovert Downey, Jr.'s Iron Man facing off against Chris Evans's Cap! It's date is the same: May 6, 2016!

2.) "Doctor Strange" is now officially on the schedule! It will hit theaters November 4, 2016! No lead is confirmed yet.

3.) "Guardians of the Glaxy 2" has now been moved to May 5, 2017.

4.) "Thor 3" has been titled "Thor: Ragnarok" and will hit theaters July 28, 2017.

5.) The first black lead in a solo film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will hit November 3, 2017 when the long-awaited "Black Panther" film becomes a reality!

6.) The first female lead in a solo film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will hit July 6, 2018, when the equally long-awaited "Captain Marvel" (Carol Danvers) film becomes a reality!

7.) "Inhumans" hits November 2, 2018

8.) To top things off the third "Avengers" movies will actually be split into two films. "Avengers: Infinity War Part 1" hits May 4, 2018 and will be followed a mere year later by "Avengers Infinity War Part 2" on may 3, 2019! Both will basically have everyone against a nearly omnipotent Thanos.

I'll give some analysis is a bit. This is a lot of awesomeness to take in at once!


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