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Trevor D. Freese

I really enjoyed SAW and it's many sequels. The directors have put so much imagination and creativity into the movie.

My favorite scenes from the SAW franchise was when they showed the traps themselves. There was so much creativity and hard work to making up these traps and devices to make this movie so intriguing. There are some traps that I really do like, but I'll give my Top 5(WARNING: SOME VIDEOS MAY CONTAIN GRAPHIC SCENES):

1. The Bathroom Trap. This is #1 because not only is it the main trap, but on how they need to think using the environment around them to figure out how to get out. Adam and Lawrence must find away to get the chains of their ankles. They then realized they must saw through their ankles. Lawrence does so and goes to seek help for Adam. Then the guy in the middle gets up. Who this person?

The guy in the middle was Jigsaw the whole time! What a twist. huh?

2. The Quadruple Shotgun Hallway. This is one creative way on attacking someone without them having any clue that it's there. Four shotguns lined up over a doorway that can be activated by a trip wire. You get a gruesome result once it's activated.

3. The Angel Trap. This is one of the most agonizing traps on my list. Kerry wakes up and is told that these things are connected to her ribs and must escape by getting a key out of a jar of acid.

4. The Public Execution Trap(a.k.a. Chainsaw Love Triangle). This is the most brutal trap yet. You wake up behind a big plane of glass(unbreakable I may add) and you're chained with your friend on each side, with your gf/bf hanging above. In front of hundreds of people, you must decide whether you kill your friend, or Dina with a saw blade.

5. The Horsepower Trap. This trap is pretty big: four contraptions in one trap. Evan must reach for a lever so the jack does not lower the running car, but he has to peel his skin off his back in order to do so. If he fails, his girlfriend's face will get crushed and ran over, his friend in the back will lose his arms and his bottom jaw, the guy in front will get rammed, and Evan will get thrown out of the car and hit another car. Fact: Evan is played by the lead singer of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington.


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