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Note: This article was written mostly on the day of the Phase 3 slate reveal, however I decided to wait and add some more details as they emerged over the following two weeks.

Wow, just wow.

It's hard to decide who is more on top of the world right now, Marvel Studios? or their legions of fans?

After ceaseless fan speculation, in an age overflowing with comic book movie news, Marvel has dropped a daisy-cutter of an announcement. This morning at the El Capitan Theatre in Los Angeles, Kevin Feige headed a closed-doors event during which he revealed the titles, logos and dates of the massive upcoming slate of MCU films. Previously just a list of Untitled Films with loosely assigned dates (see my last article and surprisingly accurate predictions here), we now have official titles from the horse's mouth, and boy are they spectacular...

The following is all of the confirmed titles along with some speculation as to where things may lead. As always, beware spoilers from the entirety of the MCU up to now.

Captain America: Civil War - May 6, 2016

With rumours of possible subtitles and Robert Downey Jr's coy remarks about a potential role, we can now confirm that the third installment in the Captain America franchise WILL be a loose adaptation of the Civil War storyline. This comes with the announcement of the official subtitle and major involvement of RDJ.

This is huge for the MCU, not only in terms of the massive ramifications of such an event (more on that later), but also because it shows that Downey Jr. is perhaps more willing to stick around than we thought. Marvel's silver screen poster boy has had incredible success with the studio, arguably leading two movies that eclipsed a billion dollars at the worldwide box office. However, he previously has expressed weariness with the intensive scheduling and safety hazards of shooting such action heavy films. Robert Downey Jr's newly negotiated role in Civil War, along with his most probable inclusion in the Infinity War two-part event shows that RDJ still has some love for the vast world of the MCU.

The second post-credit scene in The Winter Soldier led many to assume the third Captain America film would have Cap chasing Bucky down before the two eventually teamed up to take down a larger threat. It has also been heavily hinted that Bucky would one day take up the shield and become the new Captain America as he has in the comics (possibly with Steve Rodger's death). While Sebastian Stan has been confirmed to appear in the third Cap film, in what respect he will be featured is harder to say with the new revelation of the Civil War plot thread. Remember, Sebastian Stan has a nine-film contract with Marvel and has only appeared in two films thus far, so they clearly have big plans for the Winter Soldier.

It seems obvious then that [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409) will directly address the rift between Tony Stark and Steve Rodgers, which presumably will have been widened after the events of Age of Ultron. Could we see Stark begin to take on something of a villainous role? It seems he will be looking to repent after witnessing the horrors caused by Ultron (his creation) and possibly no longer trusting in the goodness of others to keep the world safe. It is a very ironic yet plausible arc, seeing as Stark has always mocked the government's attempts at putting a leash on him. Will Civil War erupt among super heroes because of a Superhero Registration Act backed by Stark? I suspect that there will be more to such an act besides making public the identities of said heroes; maybe they will be required to work for the government, or even a harsher sentence? Where does Bucky fit into all of this? Will Steve Rodgers meet his famed death at the hands of a vengeful Crossbones? (Frank Grillo has a multi-picture contract with Marvel) Whatever happens, you can be sure Captain America: Civil War will be a hell of a ride when it hits theatres, and will hold massive consequences for the world of the MCU.

On a side note, I think this official announcement today can squash rumours of a Spiderman crossover from Sony (or atleast in the near future). Personally I think that this is for the best, as Marvel Studios has created such a cohesive film universe that would suffer from continuity breaks and logical holes that would inevitably come about from the sudden inclusion of our favourite wall-crawler in this world. I think that the Marvel films shine the most when they are willing to take departures from the classic storylines when it best suits the story of said film and strengthens the unique and separate universe which is the MCU.

If you have complaints about the lack of Spiderman in Captain America: Civil War, all I have to say is that it was also confirmed that (before his solo outing in 2017) the [Black Panther](movie:9047) will be suited up on screen alongside Cap and Iron Man on May 6, 2016... and that's damn good enough for me.

Doctor Strange - November 4, 2016

By the hoary hosts of Hoggoth; we have our [Doctor Strange](movie:559685)!

This announcement comes as less of a surprise than some to follow, as there has been a director (Scott Derrickson) and writer (Jon Spaihts) attached to this project for a while now. Still an official logo and date are very welcome, though the film has been pushed back to November from what many assumed was going to be a July release. However the big news about Doctor Strange over the last few days has been surrounding the prospective casting of Benedict Cumberbatch as the titular character. After today's Los Angeles event, no official casting announcement was made, and it seems that Cumberbatch is still working things out with Marvel Studios contract-wise. I have it on good authority that he IS indeed in final negotiations and will sign on for a multi-picture role. This prospect no doubt has fans in a tizzy, as Benedict Cumberbatch's massive (and somewhat rabid) fan base could practically rival Marvel's.

Jokes aside, with all of the ridiculous casting rumours lately, it DOES feel good to be able to settle on a final choice. Whether or not Cumberbatch was your favourite pick (he certainly wasn't mine), he definitely has the stage chops and voice to pull off the bravado and arrogance of Strange along with the, well, strangeness.

The fan art coming out of this has been insane...
The fan art coming out of this has been insane...

Cumberbatch also is a very effective and enthusiastic self-promoter, and has always embraced the necessary publicity train that comes with such a franchise role. To imagine him on screen as Strange across from RDJ as Tony Stark and Tom Hiddleston as Loki is surely a tumblr blackhole causing event, not to mention the three making an appearance at Comic Con's infamous Hall H.

As for the plot of Doctor Strange's MCU debut (no not the name drop in the Winter Soldier) not a lot is known, other than that it apparently won't be an origin story. Now this doesn't mean that the film won't in any way address the Doctor's ascent from arrogant surgeon to master of the mystic arts. I'm sure Scott Derrickson will find ways to fit parts of it into the probable mind-bending ride that will be Doctor Strange. The prospect of a ultra trippy Doctor Strange adaptation with a horror film director at the helm is very exciting to me and I can't wait to see where Derrickson takes the film. Who will serve as Steven Strange's foil? Will we see Baron Mordo? Dormammu? Who will make up the supporting cast? Expect some of Derrickson's favourites to make their way into the project (i.e. Edgar Ramirez, Ethan Hawke etc.)

I'll leave you with a quote from Marvel Studio's president and supreme emperor Kevin Feige.

"In the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of the supernatural, that involves everything from quantum mechanics to string theory. The idea of this film is to open up a whole new corner of the cinematic universe. We want to enter, through Strange, the world of parallel dimensions."


Guardians of the Galaxy 2 - May 5, 2017

As I stated in my Guardians of the Galaxy advance screening review and again in my Phase 3 lineup predictions article, Guardians of the Galaxy has an enormous amount of franchise potential. Seeing as the whacky August release has just surpassed $768 million (as of November 14th) and become the biggest movie of the year domestically, there's no question that it has been an astronomical success (no pun intended). So when a sequel was announced at Comic-Con before the movie had even released, I wasn't surprised one bit. James Gunn's energy and vision skyrocketed the titular gang of space outlaws to new heights, both artistically, and in terms of pop culture. Today's news was that the sequel has been moved forward a few months from it's original release date, to May 5, 2017. This is a strong indicator from Marvel in their support for the project, as May has classically been a release window for their big sequels.

In some ways, [Guardians of the Galaxy 2](movie:1081113) is the most predictable of the films announced. I imagine the team will continue to remain on the cosmic side of things (for now) and gain a few new members along the way, namely Adam Warlock and possibly even Nova. We will also get to see more of Yondu and his relationship with Peter Quill as well as continue to unravel the mystery of who Quill's real father is. Finally, expect to see some more of Thanos in there too as his presence in the MCU is slowly increased as we approach the massive two-part Infinity War adaptation. For more of my thoughts on Guardians 2, check out my Phase 3 predictions article.

Thor: Ragnarok - July 28, 2017

Things look to be heating up in the Summer of 2017, when the third Thor installment releases. Writers Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost have been working on a script for a while now, and as predicted, it will indeed be an adaptation of Ragnarok. I will avoid comic book spoilers for now, but what is important is that [Thor: Ragnarok](movie:956858) will pick up with the son of Odin after the events of Age of Ultron. Last we saw, Loki (disguised as Odin) is ruling Asgard while Thor remains on Midgard (Earth), ignorant of the treachery in his home court. This should make the tragic events of Ragnarok very compelling, in addition of course to the inevitable apocalyptic showdown with Surtur and the fiery demons of Muspelheim. In the same way that The Winter Soldier shook up the MCU in big ways, and Civil War surely will again, Ragnarok will bring long standing changes to the universe and as in the actual mythology and comics, a lot of characters face their doom. Will this be a swan song for our favourite Norse prince and his treacherous adopted brother? As belonging to the minority who really enjoyed the fantasy soaked Thor films for their captivating family drama and other worldly visuals, (despite some awkward pacing and a certain lackluster villain) I am immensely excited for Thor: Ragnarok and expect Marvel will make sure it rights the wrongs of its predecessors. Giant serpents, wolves and much more await in 2017.

Feige thought it appropriate to reiterate that Ragnarok translates to "The end of all things." and called it "the key film" of Phase 3. With Loki and Heimdall set to appear in Age of Ultron, will we get a glimpse at the events that set Ragnarok into motion?

For more spoilery speculation on Thor: Ragnarok, check out my (dated) Phase 3 predictions article.

Black Panther - November 3, 2017

F*ck yeah...
F*ck yeah...

F*ck yeah...

After last week's crazy speculation surrounding the first Age of Ultron trailer, we finally have confirmation of Black Panther joining the MCU. I (and many others) had speculated that the events of Age of Ultron will introduce us to Wakanda as Ultron seeks out Vibranium with which to upgrade himself to nigh indestructible levels. Also, as we had heard from synopses of the Comic Con footage, we now know that Cap's shield will be broken, leaving him in need of a replacement (whether it need be reforged or replaced entirely). Furthermore, perhaps the most talked about frame of the trailer shows mo cap guru Andy Serkis in his "mystery role" that many have labelled as none other than Black Panther nemesis and Vibranium expert Ulysses Klaw.

F*ck yeah...
F*ck yeah...

To me, this was the most exciting prospect, as I love his work and am absolutely gleeful at the idea of him in such a large and important role in the MCU. This got me thinking that he possibly could be directing the Black Panther solo film as well...

Andy Serkis may be most famous for his motion capture roles such as Gollum and Caesar, but he also has an eye for direction as well. He worked under Peter Jackson as his second unit director on the Hobbit trilogy, and is currently helming the Jungle Book: Origins film which is due out in 2016. Could this possibly leave time in his schedule to direct Marvel's Black Panther? Food for thought.

Either way, it seems that Serkis will be playing Klaw atleast in Age of Ultron, and assuming he survives the movie, he surely will be seen again in Black Panther.

Oh yeah, speaking of whom...

F*ck yeah...
F*ck yeah...

We have our T'Challa! Chadwick Boseman (long a fan favourite for the role) has reportedly signed a five film contract with Marvel Studios. The first of these appearances however won't be on November 3, 2017 when his solo film releases. No, we will see the Panther in action even sooner, in Captain America: Civil War. This will apparently be a substantial role, which means we may still get a tease in Age of Ultron beyond Klaw's inclusion. T'Challa's costumed introduction in Civil War will also give the character a huge amount of exposure prior to his solo debut, seeing as the Cap threequel is just about guaranteed to make atleast a billion at the box office, giving Black Panther a big boost of popularity that will hopefully ride out into his own movie.

Either way, I am through the roof about this announcement. It is damn time the MCU gets some diversity amongst the ranks and who better to start the trend then the King of Wakanda. I had been hoping for an actual African actor, but I understand the thought process behind casting Boseman, he is young and coming off a string of hot movies (his last two, both biopics, each sit at 79% on Rotten Tomatoes). I am excited to see what he brings to the role and how Wakanda will fit into the greater MCU post Age of Ultron.

In an aside, this movie holds extra importance for me not only because of how I cherish the titular character, but also in the stakes in such a release. Hollywood's treatment of "Africa" as a whole has been less than impressive; even in 2014, stereotypes and stigma have moulded any and all portrayals of the massive and incredibly diverse continent (not that the comics have always been great either). In reality, a single "Africa" as an idea is pretty absurd, as there is a vast multiplicity in the peoples, cultures, and societal factors across the second largest landmass in the world. I fear that Marvel Studios will fall into this trap, and go along with all of the detrimental tropes that come with the Western view of the "backwards" and "old world" continent. This wouldn't just be another film propagating negative stereotypes, it would also be a major loss on the part of exposure, as Marvel's magic box office numbers would ensure that this sort of treatment of "Africa" would continue as long as there was an audience for it. Part of my excitement at Andy Serkis' involvement is that I find him to be a very progressive artist, and thus would feel reassured if he were in charge of translating uber-isolationist Wakanda onto the big screen. Mind you, this is coming from a guy who found the BET Black Panther cartoon to be slightly offensive.

Anyways, back to the awesome stuff.

F*ck yeah...
F*ck yeah...

Official concept art was distributed as well today, reassuring fans that we will see a true to form, badass Black Panther on screen. Let's just hope they don't pull a Spiderman and have his mask coming off every five seconds so Boseman gets more face time. Vibranium weave has never looked so good.

Will we see Ulysses Klaw return as the villain after Age of Ultron? M'Baku the Man-Ape? Erik Killmonger? Whatever the threat is to T'Challa and his people, you can bet that as long as there is a Wakanda, there will be a Black Panther.

Plus come on, we all want to see the Illuminati on the big screen right??

F*ck yeah...

Captain Marvel - July 6, 2018

I love the logo... so retro and pulpy.
I love the logo... so retro and pulpy.

It's about damn time.

The official confirmation of a female-led solo film is a very welcome one. With Captain Marvel comic sales at a high right now (although it is Kamala Khan's version of the character) it couldn't be a better time to announce a film treatment of Carol Danvers. As far as the new properties go, we probably know the least about where Marvel will go with Captain Marvel, though we can safely assume she will not be restricted to her own film(s) as the MCU charges onwards. We may even be introduced to Carol Danvers before her film debut (though it would most likely be a small cameo and before/when she gains her powers as opposed to a costumed appearance). Despite many fan favourites (read: Katee Sackhoff, Yvonne Stahovski) and rumoured talks (Jessica Chastain, Emily Blunt), casting is a toss-up. For now we can just revel in news that Marvel's go-to female Avenger is on the way and will get her own adventure.

The following is from a (dated) previous article I wrote on the topic:

Deriving her powers from accidental genetic exposure to Kree technology, Danver's abilities may seem a little far out for what we are used to seeing in the MCU, as she can fly and create energy blasts with her hands. However, by 2018, I think that the MCU will have left the relatively grounded heavy sci-fi of Phase 1 behind. The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. television show has already started to explore the surface of some of the more fantastical cosmic aspects of Marvel's canon, including the GH.325 serum created from, you guessed it, a Kree corpse named GH. They called the top secret project "Guest House", which is presumably where the initials come from, however a famous Kree character shares those initials: Geheneris HalaSon, better known as Mahr-Vehl. Yes that's right, the original Captain Marvel from whom Danvers receives the mantle has technically been introduced in the MCU already if rumours are to be believed. Considering the GH.325 exposed Coulson and Garret have showed peculiar behaviour...Not to mention the mysterious parentage of Skye and her apparent immunity to the less pleasant side effects of the GH.325 serum. Could she be of Kree descent? (Or Inhuman?) Is she connected to the future Ms. Marvel? Guardians of the Galaxy features Kree characters as well, and so maybe we will start getting hints as to how the GH corpse made it to Earth and what it means for the future of the MCU. By 2018 there will have possibly been four new seasons of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. if the show continues to improve and provide effective MCU integration while standing on it's own as a legitimate program. As the prevalence of cosmic threats to Earth increases, we may even see the introduction of the Sentient World Observation and Response Department, better known as S.W.O.R.D. as the next logical step.

Who else wants her space-bound powers to find their way into a Guardians team up?

With the Kree now fully introduced in Guardians of the Galaxy and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. it's only a matter of time before we see Kree-based technology resulting in various earth-bound anomalies. Which also brings us to..

Inhumans - November 2, 2018

The world of the Inhumans is vast and deep enough to spin off it's own franchises. Or at least that is how Kevin Feige feels about it. When Attilan and the Royal Family hit the big screen in November 2018, it's safe to say the MCU will have it's doors blown off once again and the universe will expand in new and fantastical ways. Many have anticipated the Inhumans to be the MCU equivalent of the X-Men (or mutants in general). As stated in the previous section, the Kree have made a big splash into the MCU and the continuing repercussions will surely set up the story of the Inhumans. What role does the Obelisk from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. have to play? Is it a Terrigen Crystal? Expect answers in future films and television programming to trickle through over the next 3 years.

UPDATE: Tonight's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has offered another tantalizing hint at the Kree connection. The mysterious carvings that have plagued Coulson, Garret and others infused with the GH.325 serum has finally been revealed as the blueprint to a "city". I can't imagine that this city is anything other than Attilan, the ancient home of the Inhumans. It's awesome to see the show have payoffs that live up to/exceed expectations, and make waves in the greater MCU.

Some assembly required.
Some assembly required.

So if there is an Attilan, then there is the Royal Family of the Inhumans, led by:


This is one of my most anticipated characters, as Blackbolt has a unique and truly breathtaking set of abilities and traits which I can't wait to see realized on the big screen. And I'm not alone in my fandom.

Kevin Feige himself has stated that (along with Doctor Strange), the Inhumans is one of his most beloved franchises. This film is lining up to be massive. Persistent rumours of Vin Diesel's involvement (him having already given his voice for Groot), may evidence him lending his physicality to the role of Black Bolt: the King of Attilan. As the film will release in between the two halves of Avengers: Infinity War, we may eventually see members of the Inhumans fill a gap in the ranks of our heroes created by Thano's destructive warpath.

Should the Inhumans movie be a success, you can bet that a whole torrent of sequels and spinoffs will follow to fill out Phase 4, especially in the catastrophic wake of the Phase 3 finale...

Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 - May 4, 2018

Avengers: Infinity War Part 2 - May 3, 2019


With the announcement of a massive two-part Avengers event, it is clear that Marvel is trying to emphasize the gravity of the undertaking and it's MCU wide consequences. Not that anyone needs to be told that.

And what else could it have been but the Infinity War? Marvel has been hinting at this since the Infinity Gauntlet was first shown in Odin's vault as an easter egg. Then came Thanos' cameo in the Avengers, and fans really started to get excited at the prospect of an adaptation of the celebrated universe-wide comic event. Since then Marvel has been slowly building towards this story, namely with the Infinity Stones. The Tesseract, Aether and Orb: all major plot devices in their respective films, but connected by a greater legacy. With this official announcement and the accompanying teaser which has leaked online, it is full steam ahead towards the cosmic epic that is the Infinity War. Said teaser also seems to emphasize the importance of Loki's Sceptre, leading me to believe that it too is indeed an Infinity Stone (something I have admittedly argued against in the past). How they will circumnavigate the plot holes surrounding the device have yet to be revealed (for starters, it is the same colour as the Tesseract) but the inclusion of the Sceptre (or perhaps the Stone in the head of it) as one of the Infinity Stones leaves only two unaccounted for in the MCU. Assuming that the Sceptre is the Mind stone, with the Tesseract, Aether and Orb representing the Space, Reality and Power stones respectively, only the Time and Soul stones remain. I anticipate that Doctor Strange will deal with the Soul stone in his solo film (as he has been a guardian of it in the past) or maybe perhaps Adam Warlock will have it in the sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy. The Time stone will then either appear in another film, or it's possible Thanos may already possess it. With the Tesseract still on Asgard, the Sceptre presumably with Baron Von Strucker (for now), the Aether scattered with Taneleer Tivan's Collection, and the Power stone under the protection of the Nova Corps, it seems Thanos will need to go on a bloody warpath in order to collect them all for the gauntlet. And rest assured, he will collect them all.

Stones aside, let's talk characters. Splitting the third Avengers film into two parts is an interesting problem when it comes to contract fulfillment. Unless everyone's contracts have been renegotiated, it seems that Evans, Hemsworth, and possibly even Downey Jr. may each be in only one of the the Infinity War films. Whether or not they appear together is a different question, but it seems that there are many other factors at play here. By the time that Part 1 releases on May 4, 2018, there will be a vast collection of super heroes to battle the Mad Titan, and then Captain Marvel, and the entirety of the Inhumans will have been introduced by the time Part 2 steamrolls into theatres on May 3, 2019. How this will work in terms of chronology remains yet to be seen; up until now the MCU films have been released in chronological order, but that formula may get shaken up as more and more films are released per year. This is pure speculation and any of the characters (especially the Asgardians) could bite it before the Infinity War even starts.

So who will definitely appear in the Infinity War? The events of Civil War will split the MCU down the middle in terms of allegiances, but the threat of Thanos to the Earth and the entirety of the universe will surely bring everyone together again. Should our core Avengers team (with the exception of Hulk perhaps) survive the rest of Phase 2 and Phase 3, (as contracts allow) they will most likely be present in at least one of the Infinity War films (not necessarily simultaneously), as should most of their supporting heroes (i.e. Winter Soldier, Falcon, War Machine, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Black Widow, etc.). In addition, the incoming "new" Avengers like Black Panther, Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel are also basically guaranteed to join the fight in increasingly prominent roles as the core team is cycled out/overpowered. Others that will definitely appear are the Guardians of the Galaxy, especially Adam Warlock (an integral part of the storyline) and Gamora and Drax who both have unfinished business with Thanos. Let's also not forget about the other adopted daughter, Nebula, who escaped in GotG who classically has a very large part to play in the tale of the Infinity Gauntlet. Speaking of villains..

Serious daddy issues.
Serious daddy issues.

Loki is rumoured to have a large role in the Infinity War saga, and considering Thanos' threats in the first Avengers, expect everyone's favourite god of mischief to pay penance for his failure to deliver the Tesseract and loss of the Sceptre (a redemptive arc may be in line here).

No realm, no barren moon, no crevasse to hide in.
No realm, no barren moon, no crevasse to hide in.

Who else could side with the Mad Titan? Any other entirely new characters can and will surely be introduced but let's entertain another theory.

The return of the Red Skull.

When Thanos gets his hands on the Tesseract, (whether it be a peace offering delivery by Loki who currently has it on Asgard, or if Thanos takes it by force) the primary focus must be to combine it in the Infinity Gauntlet with the other Infinity Stones right? But Thanos will need allies, or more specifically a general to lead his forces, and he is not likely to trust Loki with such responsibility again after his failure in the Avengers. Last we saw the Red Skull, he was seemingly transported by the Tesseract into Space, or perhaps into the object itself.

A cosmic juggernaut like Thanos could have the power and knowledge to release the Skull from his imprisonment and I feel like the two of them would get along just swimmingly. This could be an awesome twist, and bring some of Phase 1 full circle, especially if Steve Rodgers dies in the confrontation. Whether or not Hugo Weaving would ever reprise the role is another question, or if the addition of another iconic villain would take away from the gravity of Thanos' genocidal actions. Just food for thought.

It seems that in one way or another, the Infinity Gauntlet films will mark the true end for several of the core Marvel characters, namely Chris Evans who has been very vocal about his desires to move on from acting into the director's chair. After possibly "dying" in Civil War, and if he is resurrected for the Infinity Gauntlet, Steve Rodgers will truly perish in the fight against Thanos. Chris Evan's contract will be fulfilled whereas Sebastian Stan will still have plenty of films left in his. This will leave Bucky in a position to carry on the mantle of Captain America and thus the franchise may continue. As I touched on earlier, if Thor or Loki survive Ragnarok (they will most likely also "die" in the norse apocalypse and have to escape from Hel/Valhalla), they will probably also meet their true end against Thanos. Chris Hemsworth's contract will be up as well, and Asgard will be ashes. Finally, Robert Downey Jr. has been extremely back and forth about his future with Marvel, even recently saying his film appearances may hit the double digits... However I expect him to be killed off in the Infinity War as well, leaving room for newer characters and faces to fill the void. It will be a large loss for Marvel studios, but hopefully by that time they will have secured a new poster boy (or girl) for the franchise. With the recent massive success of Guardians, along with the promising slate of new properties on the way, I have no doubt that Marvel Studios will continue have enormous box office success, even after the retirement of some of the core characters. I just hope they don't recast anyone. If people want more Cap, give them Bucky (and Sam Wilson after that). If people want more cosmic fantasy, there are dozens of characters and worlds that have yet to be explored that aren't Asgardian. If people want more Iron Man action, give them Rhodey or someone else to wear the suit. The beauty of the MCU is in its tight continuity and consistency. Major recasting is jarring and should be avoided at all costs. There are so many stories to be told, we don't need a fourth or fifth movie about Tony Stark.

I can't wait to see how this all plays out.

  • Captain America: Civil War - May 6, 2016
  • Doctor Strange - November 4, 2016
  • Guardians of the Galaxy 2 - May 5, 2017
  • Thor: Ragnarok - July 28, 2017
  • Black Panther - November 3, 2017
  • Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 - May 4, 2018
  • Captain Marvel - July 6, 2018
  • Inhumans - November 2, 2018
  • Avengers: Infinity War Part 2 - May 3, 2019

What do you think of my predictions? Where should Marvel take the MCU next? Sound off below.


Which Phase 3 film are you most excited for?


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