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Angie Chastain

The saw movies have always been in a special in my heart. As a horror movie lover I admire how these movies are different than most others. John isn't killing the players he's testing their will to live. He wants them to survive the game. I love the scene in saw IV when you are placed in John's shoes when his wife loses gideon. I felt his pain and rage. I also loved the scene from Saw V when Brit realizes the traps were meant for all of them. They could have all survived the game if they worked together. The traps are like art. Each creatively made for the players. My favorites included the barb wire trap that kills Paul in the first movie. It's a simple trap yet the reason behind it is so powerful. He attempted suicide when he had no reason to be unhappy. Which struck a cord deep in me to love the life I have. I also like evan's death in Saw 3D. How He had to tear himself off the seat of the car. He had to feel pain in order to save the one he loved. A true sacrifice. Although I love all of the movies very much the first one is the best because it truly shows the players will to live. They work together and it is very impressive to me the amount of trust they put in each other. Doctor gordon could have easliy "killed" adam with the blood dipped cigarette. In conclusion I think that these movies have more meaning behind them than most horror movies. They changed my thinking on life. To appreciate it because you never know when it will end.


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