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If you were asked the question "Who would win in a fight, Batman or Superman?" and you obtained any amount of common sense (acknowledging that Superheros aren't real) you would be hard pressed not to side with Superman. After all, he's the [Man of Steel](movie:15593). He's virtually indestructible. He'll see and hear you long before you can get close enough to throw a punch. Who can match that? The answer: The Dark Knight.

Batman can not only match that, but he can take things to a whole other level. But before all of the Superman fans come for me in the comments, let me explain why a man with money, brains and a robotic suit can totally stand up to a god like character like Supes.

First off, it's not like it hasn't happened before. Remember the Avengers? Iron-Man went toe to toe with Thor. He didn't just survive a fight with Thor though. He got in a few good hits himself. Now would he win in an extended fight? Probably not. But for at least a good few minutes (which is all we need for the fight in [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870)) he was holding his own.

But lets not forget the Man of Tomorrows most recognizable foe and main villain:

Lex Luthor

When people say that Batman has no chance in Krypton at beating Superman in a battle, do they even remember Lex? I mean...Luthor has been at war with Superman since the beginning of time. He's a man with money and brains who likes his attire to be green and purple robotic suits. If he poses a threat at all to Superman, than wouldn't and shouldn't Batman? Especially since there pulling heavily from The Dark Knight Returns?

Batman is the kinda guy that has a contingency plan for his contingency plan. He doesn't mess around. He won't give a second thought to researching you. He'll find out your strengths and also your weaknesses. That's the thing about Superman. He has many Strengths. But you only need one Weakness to beat him. Batman takes your one weak point and makes it his world.


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