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Oh Marvel, you make my little nerd heart palpitate. Today’s announcement of the Phase Three breakdown got the internet buzzing and everybody talking. The announcement details the plans for Marvel’s cinematic releases through 2018, and confirms a bunch of those rumors we’ve all been obsessing about. Kevin Fiege made the announcement at Hollywood’s El Capitan theater on Tuesday morning and I have been trying to contain myself ever since. So now that Marvel has broken the big news, let’s break down what we can look forward to and what you need to know and make some more wild guesses, shall we?

First up is Captain America 3. Variety announced that Robert Downey Jr. was in talks to join the cast a couple of weeks ago and rumors immediately started flying about a big screen version of the Civil War story line. Of course, many comic fans argued that Marvel would not move in that direction because they do not currently hold the rights to Spider-Man who is a central character to the story. Of course Fiege was asked about the rumor that Marvel was negotiating with Sony Pictures who own the rights to the web-slinger, he responded that “anything that wasn’t specifically revealed today is either not true at all or still rumor.” Well that’s unfortunate; Spidey would have been the ultimate surprise. Of course Marvel is notorious for their secrecy, so there is a possibility that Peter Parker will make his appearance in the Cinematic Marvel U. What we do know is that Captain America: Civil War will hit theatres on May 6, 2016 and we will finally get to see Cap and Iron Man square off.

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