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While most of my posts are superhero related, I LOVE me some horror! Today in Spanish III mi maestra was showing us scary stuff to celebrate Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). She started off with La Llorona (Screaming woman). I was shown this last year and jumped. I wasn't a contributor last year. I saw this again and was like "article time!!!".

Her story is similar to that of Mama (great scary movie if you haven't seen it). La Llorona is a Mexican urban legend. She lost her children near a creek. She wants to be with her children. In Mexico some families will say to their children "Don't be bad or La Llorona will get you!" and when children are found dead by a creek or river, La Llorona has got them.

Watch this YouTube below.

Now, I know there have been films based on this, but they kinda sucked. I would love to see something new and terrifying for La Llorona.

P.S. Outside of joining the Marine Corps and coaching track and field after retiring from the corps, I always loved the idea of directing. I guess I get it from my uncle. He's a director. A good horror movie is hard to make. You think superheroes are cliche? Think again pal. Horror movies have it harder. New and different material every year after generations is hard to come up with. I just think that a well done La Llorona story will blow minds. I'm all about comedy, action, sci-fi, fantasy and horror. It has to be a romantic comedy like The Proposal for me to be interested though.

Also, she is showing my class a different video tomorrow. So expect another post like this one tomorrow!(:

I'll do others like this too. I'm thinking I might do The Crucible next. Just got done reading that in English 11. Stay tuned!!


So how bout it?


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