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The Crucible is about sporadic, illogical, and unreasonable accusations of innocent women and witchcraft in Salem. This is colonial America by the way. I'm no English teacher so I'll leave character development, theme and foils out of it ahahaha. We can leave out the McCarthyism jabs though.

I was John Proctor when we read this. Hahah I watch too many Samuel L. Jackson movies! Imagine a colonial American sounding like Samuel L. Jackson and that was me reading John Proctor's lines! xD

Unlike La Llarona, The Crucible movie we are currently watching is good. POTENTIAL in this article is something different. This has quite a few paths.

1. Horror Movie

There has been a horror movie about this event before. With IMAX and other great visual technology, this can be one trippy horror movie. Put a twist on it though. Have legit actual witches. I'm talking about these kinds of witches:

Creepy right?
Creepy right?
Thank these guys.
Thank these guys.

The Crucible could add a lot of jump scares, real scares, and Grave Encounters level terror into it. Just need the right combination of directors, writers, producers and actors.

2. Action/Comedy

This story could take two routes along the lines of action/comedy.


There was still fun action like someone getting shot or hit with an object, but there was no real danger. This movie was made for laughs, and that is alright!

3. Action Thriller based on historical events

This movie was dope!
This movie was dope!

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter? For The Crucible, anyone with a wild imagination could change that to John Proctor: Witch Hunter. Things would have to be changed though. John Proctor is a farmer and doesn't even believe in witchcraft.

The actual plot: John Proctor has an affair with Abigail Williams. Back in those days lechery was a hanging offense and so was witchcraft. He feels guilty for the whole thing and Abigail takes things overboard with the pretense of witchcraft. Danforth is the judge, Hale is the doctor, Parris is one antagonist and there are many more.

The plot could be changed like this: a son of John and Elizabeth Proctor is murdered by a witch. Elizabeth becomes ill and distant afterwards while Abigail Williams is their servant. John has devoted his life to avenging his son by becoming a witch hunter. He would have had his fair share of witch kills by the time Abigail cries witchcraft. That's where the story would change. Major twists: Hale is an ex-witch hunter and Danforth is possessed.


The Crucible tho


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