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(I didn't have enough room to write this in the caption above but from left to right is Heat Wave, Weather Wizard, Captain Cold, Trickster, and Mirror Master).

If you've watched The Arrow, then you know that for the most part, Oliver Queen fights a different villain almost every episode with their being one main villain as the season's driving antagonist. There really never is a villain team-up until you get to the Suicide Squad later on. Well, it appears that the writers and producers of The Flash are anxious to get off to a speedy start. See what I did there? Yeah I know. I'm here all night guys. Anyways, following the end of today's show, it is pretty fricken obvious the direction that they are heading with the show. If you watched the latest episode in the CW's [The Flash](series:1068303), you might've noticed a pattern occurring over the episodes. WE ARE GOING ROGUE!!!

In the comics, the Rogues were a team of villains banded together for the sole purpose of taking down their common enemy: The Flash. Together, these villains comprise the greatest villains of the Flash's history in comics. While some of these villains have been introduced into the show, some have yet to make their appearance. But let me assure you, I'm positive that we will see them soon. No matter if they have been introduced or not, let me introduce to you the general lineup for the team and give u a bit of information on each.

My friends...Meet the Rogues

1. Weather Wizard (confirmed/introduced)

In the first episode, we were introduced to Clyde Mardon, a burglar who was affected by the particle accelerator explosion just like Barry Allen. When Mardon faced off against the Flash and committed his crimes, he had the power to control the weather. If you watched the first episode, heard the name Mardon, and still nothing rung a bell, that means you probably don't read comics or don't know a great deal of history on the flash's enemies. But hey don't worry that's why I write these things. Mark Mardon in the DC Comic Universe is also known as Weather Wizard. Your probably saying hold on a second. You said Mark Mardon. Yeah I did, but just hold on to your socks real quick and let me explain. Clyde Mardon in the comics was his genius brother who invented a special wand and was killed allegedly by Mark. Mark then stole his notes and built the wand himself becoming Weather Wizard. It seems that the CW has taken a different approach to Weather Wizard's alter ego. Instead of Mark living to become the Weather Wizard, Clyde does. And instead of getting his powers from a wand, he actually has them inside of him from becoming a meta human.

2. Captain Cold (confirmed/introduced)

It was only in this week's episode, Going Rogue, that we were first introduced to Leonard Snart a.k.a Captain Cold. After being abused by his father as a kid, he sought refuge with his grandfather. After his grandfather died, he couldn't take the abuse from his father anymore and started a criminal lifestyle. Snart wanted a chance to get rid of the Flash. After reading about a weapon that theoretically had the power to neutralize the Flash's speed, Snart made the gun and exposed it to radiation. Instead of slowing the Flash down, when fired, the gun could freeze any object into absolute zero. After realizing the power he possessed he became an enemy of two incarnation of the Flash: Barry Allen and Wally West. He is the leader of the team and the only member to have a true sense of honor. He is completely loyal to the team and watches out for the other members. In the most recent episode of The Flash, we learn that the CW stuck to almost 99% of his back story. The only real difference is that in the CW version, Snart steals the gun from S.T.A.R. Labs and Cisco was the one that invented it, not Snart. And I guess if you really want to get picky, Snart did not name himself Captain Cold as he did in the comics. It was Cisco.

3. Heat Wave (confirmed/introduced)

If your really good at paying attention to details, then you probably saw what I saw at the end of the latest episode.Captain Cold inducted the first member of the Rogues. Here is the exact dialogue:

Captain Cold/Snart: Been a while since we've pulled that job. And I know it didn't go so well for you. And I know I said we were finished but things have changed. If I want to keep working in Central City, I need a new kind of crew. I'm gonna need someone like you. You're tolerant of extremes. You have certain skills. You just need some direction. I can give that to you. You still like playing with fire? You're gonna love this. So, are you in Mick or are you out?
Mick: (excited chuckle) Yeah buddy I'm in.

If you love the comics then you know that the man Snart is addressing is none other than Mick Rory a.k.a. Heat Wave. Mick Rory is obsessed with fire and at a young age burned down his house. In the process, the fire killed his family. He then made a heat gun and has been a robber as part of the Rogues. The big difference just like Captain Cold, was that Heat Wave did not make the gun. I'm also going to go out on a limb here and guess that Cisco will probably name Mick Heat Wave. Here's a video I took of the dialogue above from the end of "Going Rogue". Sorry if its hard to hear. I tried turning the volume up a bit.

4. Trickster (confirmed/not introduced)

While it has been confirmed that the Trickster is slated to appear in the series sometime in the near future, we do not know when exactly. Even so, let's talk a bit about who he is shall we? The Trickster a.k.a. James Jesse is a circus performer. He comes from a long family of trapeze walkers. He developed, as part of his skills, shoes that compressed air allowing him to "walk" on air. This allowed him to become a successful aerolist. that even a word. Anyway, inspired by the stories of Jesse James, he develops other weapons and takes on the name. Although...probabaly Cisco names him? There's a good chance hahaha.

5. The Pied Piper (confirmed/not introduced)

Like the Trickster, the Pied Piper is slated to appear sometime in the near future of the series timeline. And again like the Trickster, the exact date of appearance is unknown. The Pied Piper is also known as Hartley Rathaway. The poor guy was unfortunately born deaf. Out of some miracle, however, his rich parents found a way to allow him to hear. Once he had discovered what it was like to hear things, he became obsessed with sounds and music specifically. Originally a criminal, he reformed and left the Rogues. Later on, he was somehow pulled back in and reinstated. He is the only Rogue other than Captain Boomerang and the Top who have switched between hero and villain.

These five rogues are currently the only ones that the CW has either introduced or confirmed for The Flash. Besides these Rogues, there are several others that are not confirmed and even ones that are a part of its different incarnations. And while the producers and writers of the show have not confirmed their involvement in this universe, I find it hard to believe that they could leave out Rogues like Captain Boomerang, Mirror Master, The Top, and Abra Kadabra. Hopefully they will include these villains as well in this mix and utilize their history as part of the DC Comics Universe.


Which Rogue not introduced nor confirmed would you like to see in the CW's The Flash?


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