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It has now been ten years since the initial release of the Saw franchise, and in the spirit of the holiday, Lionsgate is bringing it back. If the final installation seems like it came out all too long ago, it is time dig out your Billy the Puppet masks and head out to the theater for a limited time chance to see the film that started it all.

Many critics of the movie claim that is has no real horror movie value, but it has become a classic especially among younger generations. It's the movie many people grew up sneaking into the pile of movies at Blockbuster or Hollywood video and bragging to their friends about watching on Monday.

It's a curious thing, kids and horror films, especially when it comes to movies like the Saw franchise. For some reason, the limb twisting torture of the series appeals to these kids, and it's not just Saw. It seems that this is becoming a trend. Many movies that are all together hard to stomach are becoming popular for kids to attempt to watch.

Ever since the beginning of the franchise movies such as the Human Centipede double feature are gaining popularity from people looking for a head rush. So, what is it about sewing peoples' mouths to rear-ends? Or kidnapping trouble souls? Or watching a woman's scalp be twisted off?

It's this brand of shock horror that has become common and even sought after in Hollywood, and my question, or rather challenge, for you this Halloween isn't what in the world could be going on with those crazy kids these days...

Hello readers, I would like to play a game. Up until now, you have been leading a life infested by cheesy slasher flicks and hours of suspense films. While I appreciate your dedication to the formula outlined by Scream, there is a new brand of horror flick out there for you to feast your eyes upon.

In the name of the birth of American shock horror, Saw, go out in search of something more twisted this Halloween. Sit down to August Underground's Mordum, Antichrist, or The Poughkeepsie Tapes... play a game with Dr. Heiter in Human Centipede. Live or die, the choice is yours.


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