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Lisa Carol Fremont

Reno, Nevada recently had the pleasure of hosting it's first Wizard World Comic Con and one of the many hi-lights was William Shatner's Q & A panel. Always charming, engaging and hilarious, Mr. Shatner was momentarily caught off guard by one particularly hard hitting question.

Asked by one of his very youngest fans, a tiny young lady dressed up in her finest Comic Con gear had this very important query:

"Who's your favorite alien girlfriend?", asks the 10 year old dressed as Storm.

Well, Mr. Shatner took this question as seriously as the rest of us did and after some careful consideration he said.....

"There was this alien that had green paint all over her, but it kept coming off all over my hands. I liked her, but from afar."

Now we can all rest easy knowing who Captain Kirk's favorite alien girlfriend is.


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