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Amongst all the news today that made fans of comic book superhero movie giddy, comes word that the man who plays one of the most iconic - and near immortal - characters in film is all too mortal.

According to various news reports, Hugh Jackman has just been treated for skin cancer for the third time in 12 months - and he's handling the situation in his usual classy and gracious manner. reported the development this way:

"Much like the 1998 Baz Luhrmann song, actor Hugh Jackman is encouraging everyone to “wear sunscreen.”
Jackman was recently treated for skin cancer for the third time in 12 months but a representative for the actor reported to E! News that he is doing well. The X-Men star previously had a basal cell carcinoma removed last November as well as in May of this year. Fortunately if caught early enough, this type of cancer is usually entirely treatable.
Jackman also explained to ABC News that he credits his wife Deborra-Lee Furness for urging him to make his health a priority.
"We are all human, this happened to me,” Jackman said. “I didn't wear sunscreen when I was a kid. I don't want kids to be as stupid as me and maybe they'll listen to Wolverine more than they'll listen to teachers at school. It's all preventable. I was lucky to be in a job, where I have makeup artists looking at my face, going, 'What is that?'" he added. "And my wife nagging me to go and get it checked out."
Despite medical treatments the 46-year-old Aussie actor isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Jackman will play the villainous Blackbeard in the upcoming film, Pan. Based on the J.M. Barrie book, the movie is set to open in theaters on July 17, 2015."

"Maybe they'll listen to Wolverine". How cool is that? Jackman is going through this and he's still thinking of others.

Maybe some people should think of this when they talk about how they're tired of seeing him as Wolverine onscreen.

I wish him the best.


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