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Entertainment Weekly recently paid a visit to the set of CW's newest series: The Flash. What they found is a rather charming easter egg of not only the Justice League, but of the upcoming Flash/[Arrow](series:720988) crossover.

The following was shown to EW by Tyler Harron, head production designer of [The Flash](series:1068303):

The Justice League's mural
The Justice League's mural

The mural is a part of the Central City Police Department set. Notice how the word "JUSTICE" is the biggest word on the mural, and how each of the Greek Gods portrayed represent a DC superhero.

Superman, shown front and center, is Zeus. Both are all powerful leaders with immense strength.

Batman is Hades, directly on Zeus' right. Both of these figures face torment and angst whilst dealing with their unwanted responsibilities (Batman protecting Gotham and Hades in charge of the underworld).

[Wonder Woman](movie:45787) is Hera, shown directly on Zeus' left. Both are strong and noble females. .

The Flash is portrayed as Hermes, shown second from the left. Both icons possess the abilities of speed and swiftness.

Green [Arrow](series:720988) is Apollo, as seen second from the right. These icons are both noteworthy for using a bow and arrow in battle.

[Aquaman](movie:264237) is Poseidon, the god on the far right. Both are masters of the sea, possess tridents, and both are portrayed as leaders of the seas.

The Green Lantern is Hephaestus, seen on the far left. Both are capable of creating various weapons and tools for use in battle (Haphaestus with his hammer and Green Lantern with his ring)

None of this is mere speculation; Harron himself admitted that this mural was intended to be an easter egg, saying to EW:

"I wanted to do a deco [themed] set and [the sculpting style of] bas-relief in the deco era was rampant and so was the Greek mythology in their sculptures... So I said I'd like to put in an Easter egg that represents all each one of the Justice League members."

Yes, it is just a mural, but one can't help but be excited for the future of the DC franchise just looking at it. Even though the television and film universes are separate, it's still pretty darn cool to see a Justice League reference on television. Perhaps this could even be a hint to a Justice League team-up on television. Look for it the next time the Police Department is seen on The Flash.


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