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The most blood curling, shrill screaming, squeamish attracting series of movies to ever have been made. More blood, more gore, more deaths and more sheer horror. There is nothing quite like the SAW series with fans located in every country, each one wishing to some degree that they had been the ones to star in the movies. From episode 1, right through to the nightmarish 7, every minute is worth the watch, every hour is another train of pain and every movie continues onto a dark and twisted plot that can't be described in words, but rather, the millions of fans and hours of horror. At first it takes time to get into what is going on, and to get over the squeamish fun factory of hell, but once you start there is no turning back, there is no escaping, the only thing you can do is watch helplessly as the traps are set and the judgment begins. Ever felt like being god for one day, SAW gets about as close to this as possible with the urge for riotousness under its belt and a knack for torture throughout the series. Wether you root for evil or believe in the good, everyone who has seen SAW has been left amazed, shocked and utterly in love. Something horror movies nowadays have lost, the sense of making people fall in love regardless of how brutal, shocking or evil it may be. The choice is yours, watch or walk, you have 1 minute to decide.


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