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You are alone, lost and you have no idea what is going on. It's dark and an earthy must of a smell swarms around you. The whirring and grinding of the carriage that carries you upwards deafens and disorientates, the thought of what happens next, too much to bear.

The elevator comes to a sudden stop, throwing you to one side as above you light spills in. Whispers come from the light, but your eyes have not adjusted.

Someone grabs you by the hand and pulls you out of the small hole, overthrowing you and you are sent sprawling along the ground. Your eyes adjust and there is a group of boys covered in sweat and evil grins lining their faces.

You decide to make a run for it, throwing what little energy you have into every step, making more progress the further you go on.

You trip, fall and face plant, Coming to a skidding halt in the middle of a field. You look up just in time to see a wall that meets the sky towering above before your eyes close and you black out.

when you awaken it makes no sense, yet the two rules you must learn, live and love come forth. Do you part for the family, and never go through the wall.

The maze runner has been a box office smash with approximately 91 million dollars being made since its release September the 19th. A movie about human experimentation on the adolescence mind, surrounded by false story lines and Cruel plot twists that make this film one not to be missed.

There is something about teenagers surviving without adults that captures everyone regardless of age. The look on how it would work, how they would thrive and what happens when the parents disappear. The hunger games was the first major film to engross the teenager survival theme and it worked perfectly with 2 movies currently out of cinemas and another 2 to come.

The maze runner draws upon the thought of using adolescence to "survive and thrive" outside the experimental world they know as "The Maze" due to an apparent outbreak of disease and natural disaster that has wiped out the majority of the human race. The maze is meant to be a test. If they can survive the test they will gain their freedom and ultimately their lives. But is it all its cracked up to be. Is it truthful or is it all a lie. A cruel ploy to make them believe in what they are doing for the un-ascertained use of human experimentation.

Do they run and fight?

Survive and thrive?

Or die trying to do both?

A must see film that leaves the audience on the edge of their seats, begging for more.

Can you survive the maze?


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