ByYash Bhatia, writer at

Let's cut directly to the chase (forgive the pun). The Flash has got a lot of people like me drooling fan-girlishly in front of their TV screens. With its casual smartness, this show has effectively rendered its narration both wildly entertaining and surprisingly humane. The new episode begins with an attempted robbery of a diamond. Cue dangerous music, add a crucial character signalling a crossover with The Arrow and there it is: an episode so rewarding that it makes one optimistic for the future of the series. The only thing that could have used a little help was the Freezer Gun. It didn't exactly look threatening (which it was). A little too cartoonish to be scary.

Felicity Smoak (played by the stunning Emily Bett Rickards) visits Central City to see Barry. While the story is steadily uncoiling over the good guy vs bad guy face-off, the writers prove their mettle by making a doomed genre like romance look interesting. We are going to get a Flash vs. Arrow showdown (slated to be episode 08), and even the slightest teases of it here send tiny tingles down the spine.

The train crash scene is done perfectly, walking the fine tightrope between ridiculous and fascinating. The CG is surprisingly good for a TV show and backed by a strong group of writers that keep us invested in the action, both visually and emotionally. Thank you for finally giving us a 'will they, won't they?' that we actually can care about. Cannot wait till next week for the next endeavor of this small miracle of a show.


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