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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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In news you never wanted to hear outside of a horror movie, police in France are on red alert following a gang of clowns attacking people in the street.

Fourteen teens armed with knives, guns, and bats and, as if that wasn't scary enough, dressed as mother-freakin' clowns, were arrested in Agde, an area in the South of France, October 25th, The Guardian reports.

Dauphiné Liberé, a newspaper writer in the area, made the comment:

These clowns aren’t funny any more.

You bet your life it's not funny! In addition to this large gang of teenagers dressed as clowns, on the same day in Montpellier, another group of marauding clowns beat a man with a metal bar. The Mirror reports that clowns have been spotted 'laughing maniacally' whilst terrorizing people.

Fortunately, police have so far arrested all involved, but this is some seriously freaky stuff...

Clowns spotted in Beziers, France
Clowns spotted in Beziers, France

The second problem French police are finding is that other youths are taking vigilante action to protect themselves from the roving clown gangs. In Bordeaux, twelve teens armed with metal and wooden rods were stopped by cops after they said they were 'hunting clowns.' Frighteningly enough, one member of this vigilante group, armed with a short knife, was only 12 years old.

Meanwhile, in England, London's Police force dealt with nearly 120 clown-related complaints in the city last year.

I know this is all pretty unpleasant news, but remember when we reported the 'Real Life Purge Threat'? That all boiled down to kids wasting police time, so let's hope this clown nonsense dies down.

Yes, clowns are terrifying, but let's keep 'em in the horror movies we know and love... What do you guys think?


Are you freaked out by the laughing, armed clown gangs?

Source: The Guardian, The Mirror


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