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Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho has always made for prime Halloween viewing, but now, a talented Brooklyn-based artist by the name of Yuliya Tsukerman, has scrupulously recreated the 1960 horror flick's infamous shower scene - in which Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) is horrifically stabbed to death by a man in a mother's costume - in a series of jack-o'-lanterns, no less...

Sound weird? It is. But it's also freakin' awesome. Check this out:

Well, they do say that a boy's best friend is his pumpkin... Or something.

Take a look at the original Psycho shower scene and see just how well Tsukerman did with her stop-motion carvings, about which she comments "each frame was slashed, stabbed, and sliced out of a real pumpkin."

Tsukerman spent two weeks carving pumpkins.


She then lit up the pumpkins, took photographs of each carved image, and synchronized them with the soundtrack from the original Hitchcock movie.


And the result shines a brilliant new light on the 1960 Hitchcock classic...

As someone who tried to carve a pumpkin once and ended up with Rage Soup instead, I'm saying this Yuliya Tsukerman has done a pretty sweet job.



What do you think of Psycho's shower scene done in pumpkins?

(Source: YouTube)


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