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The Walking Dead Episode 3 spoilers ahead.

If you have not seen the latest episode 'Four Walls and a Roof,' turn back now.

After being forced to flee their home at the prison, being on foot for much of Season 4, and finding that Terminus was not the sanctuary it once was, Rick and the gang have found themselves a new home: Father Gabriel's St. Sarah’s Episcopal Church. But even though the church may look convincing, it's not all that it appears.

After episode 2, The Talking Dead revealed that, despite looking the part, the church is not an actual church at all, and was built especially for [The Walking Dead](series:201193). While it might seem crazy to build an entire church structure, this week the show has gone into more depth explaining why it was necessary to build such a large set piece, and it was actually incredibly thoughtful.

Actress Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie Greene, described episode 3, 'Four Walls and a Roof,' as "hair-raising" and I doubt anyone who has seen the episode would be disagreeing with her.

So when you include scenes like this:

And this:

And finally this:

I guess it's easy to see why the production came to the conclusion that it's better to build their own church, rather than offend a real congregation by asking them to allow a film production to conduct a massacre inside of their church.

There are not many other locations that would require such careful planning before shooting inside of it - a railway yard or a prison is probably a prime location for a massacre, so I think it was particularly well played that the show decided to construct four walls and a roof to film the events of 'Four Walls and a Roof.'

Watch the whole shocking scene from inside the church again:

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What did you think of the church massacre in episode 3?

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