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After the dramatic events of "Four Walls and a Roof," it almost seems like The Walking Dead has wrapped up the events of the start of Season 5 quite nicely, sure we still have the whole Beth mystery to learn about, but let's focus on the positives: The evil Termites-turned-hunters have been disposed of, Father Gabriel's dark secret was revealed, Michonne was reunited with her katana, and we even figured out who was leaving those symbols.

Gareth's admission

One of the biggest mysteries of the first few Season 5 episodes was finally put to bed, after Gareth, evidently feeling quite chatty after his leg o' Bob, chatted about many things, including how the group had left marks to get back to Terminus:

You know we marked our way here, so that we could find our way back after. So stupid right, I mean, back to what?

So, case closed! This makes complete sense: The group wanted to hunt down Rick's group and kill them, but at the end of what would have been Rick roast 2014 they wanted to return to Terminus, or that was the original idea.

But actually, maybe that's exactly what The Walking Dead crew want us to think. Maybe the whole Gareth admission was one enormous red herring.

Gareth was talking about a different symbol

The symbol we've been speculating about this entire time was the 'X' symbol with a circle drawn around it. This was the symbol that we saw carved onto trees in front of Morgan, at the very end of episode 1 and naturally, this was the first symbol that jumped to mind when Gareth mentioned marking his way. However, the X symbol wasn't the only symbol carved into trees we've seen in Season 5, we've also seen this one:

This sideways L-type mark was carved into the tree Bob stood crying beside at the end of episode 2, before being snatched by Gareth's gang and sliced up for dinner.

I know what you're thinking, one sighting of a random mark on a tree might just be coincidence, but then at the start of episode 3, we saw that symbol again! This time in the scene when Sasha is outside searching for Bob.

Which symbol was Gareth talking about?

So now with two possible marks that Gareth talked about, which was his? Personally, I think the sideways L was definitely the mark of the hunters. The evidence is there: We only started seeing it once the hunters showed up; in episode 2 it was moments before Bob was snatched, and in episode 3 it was shortly before Bob was dumped outside the church, and after Gareth had already admitted to watching Rick's group.

As for the other symbol, the X's that Morgan is following, we have previously mentioned that the evidence points to Rick leaving these for Morgan. To add to this theory, wouldn't it seem weird that the hunters would carve these symbols, seeing as they're on the wrong side of the tree? If the group wanted to follow them back to Terminus surely they'd have carved them on the reverse side so they'd be easier to see when they walked back home.

But I guess we'll have to wait a little longer until Morgan shows up to truly know who left which symbols, I just hope that it happens sooner rather than later, the suspense is killing me!


Which marks do you think Gareth was talking about?

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