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It probably comes as no surprise that a high-concept movie like The Matrix was always going to be chock full of hidden Easter Eggs and interesting details.

Sure, we all know the big hidden secrets - like, for example that 'Neo' is an anagram of 'One' - but now Youtuber Rob Ager is here to deliver 11 more oft-overlooked The Matrix interesting tidbits. I'll be very surprised if you've noticed more than one of these before. Check out the video below:

All of that went by pretty fast, so let's take a closer look at some of the more interesting 'interesting details'.

Neo is The One - Literally

Here's a closer look at that '1' on Neo's folder. Of course, the idea behind this detail is that it foreshadow Neo literally becoming the 'One'.

Red Tiles

Another look at the rare use of the color red in The Matrix, which of course signifies danger. It's also worth mentioning, the elderly man sitting in front of them soon changes into an Agent - literally becoming the danger.

Block Party

Although, Ager's Wizard of Oz reference is interesting, there is also something else going on with these blocks. The lower block shows a 9 and a V, which could reference a 9 Volt battery (they are commonly abbreviated as 9V). Of course, in the Matrix, humanity has essentially been turned into batteries.

9/11 Passport

Now, some of the more conspiracy minded individuals have suggested this date of 9/11 is significant. Of course, with the Matrix coming out in 1999, I find this highly unlikely. If the choice of the date was deliberate, it's likely because the date, 11 September 2001, includes a lot of ones - again referencing Neo as 'the one'.

Recently we were also treated to another hidden Easter Egg in The Matrix Reloaded. Did you ever notice Agent Smith's biblical license plate?

Do you have a favorite The Matrix Easter Egg?


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