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Usually, a villain is the counterpart to the heroic protagonist of the story who we are expected to hate as a result of the traditional concept that good is meant to triumph over evil - same old same old. However, it's quite boring rooting for the same character over and over again and so audiences look for something new to keep themselves interested. Therefore, Hollywood in its ever-evolving creativity, created antagonists that people would love to be which is why they were cast and written to be handsome and charming, yet vicious and not to be messed with. At the back of people's minds, there is the luring concept that it would be cool to be a villain; I mean think about it, you get whatever you want, whenever you want and look good whilst doing it. Tell me that hasn't crossed your mind at least once in your life; which is why sometimes it has to be said, 'it's good to be bad'.

What Makes a Great Villain with Tom Hiddleston

First off let's get something straight, it's all about appearance and most importantly the presence behind the character. When they walk into a room you immediately know they mean business and that they will get what they want without a doubt, otherwise things are going to get ugly. Typically, actors like Ben Kingsley, Mark Strong and Tom Hiddleston don't need to be physically superior to be intimidating; they carry that weight with them through the way they talk and how they present themselves. Look at the movies where they play villainous roles - Ben Kinsley as the Mandarin in [Iron Man 3](movie:24391) acts like the mysterious puppeteer pulling the strings behind the curtain with: his slow resonant voice, serious demenour and even the "don't make eye contact unless you want to die" rule is made explicit. Altogether these attributes of his as an actor make him a seriously convincing terrorist. Some believe it is better to be feared than loved; I say why can't I have the best of both worlds, villains seem to get the best perks... and even lines.

"No Mr Bond, I expect you to die." - Goldfinger
"No Mr Bond, I expect you to die." - Goldfinger

Besides from this, what's also important is that a villain has something to backup all the talk with and not only should they walk the walk, but also show that they are far superior in almost every way. Intelligence and wit is one of the ways to show how high up in the hierarchy villains are, but power is truly the best way of achieving superiority. For example, Darth Vader can push a button and say "what Alderaan?" which if you think about it means a hell of a lot when it comes to being respected as a greatly notorious villain. Also, Loki may not have a Hulk, but he does have an army which is an impressive feat in itself. Thousands if not millions of trained obedient killers are at your command and all those who oppose you; well there won't be, at least not when you're done with them. Thus, power and fear is a powerful tool for all villains and yes it may seem a bit harsh or ruthless to some but it gets the job done, capeesh?

However, what's the point of having everything you have wanted and the force to back it up without there being a sense of purpose. Any old schmuck can rule with an iron fist, but it takes true devotion to achieve the goal of world domination and thensome. The world is not enough. Take Ultron for example, you may have heard that he is going to be in 'The Avengers: Age of Ultron' as the title implies, but here's a little backstory if you didn't know how evil he truly is.

Ultron is an A.I (artificial intelligence) who was created with the purpose of making the world a safer place for humanity. Of course, since this is a Hollywood movie everything goes wrong. The A.I deems us to be unworthy of protection and instead that we are the problem. His purpose in life now is to wipe out all of humanity and he has the means to do it with his invulnerable chassis and army of iron men.

To me, Ultron is a true definition of a villain and is the reason why he is one of my favourite villains of all time. He may not take in the luxury of power like most people, but then again he's not most people or even human He's cold, calculating, powerful and most of all he is not somebody that you do not want to mess with under any circumstances.

If you think I've missed anything, tell me about it along with who your favourite villain is and why.


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