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Recently Marvel announced nine movies to be made starting 2016. Dr. Strange, [Black Panther](movie:9047), Captain Marvel and others. Many people have been writing about it. But for this article it will focus on one film...Captain America Civil War. It could be the darkest film yet for Marvel. It possibly might be darker than Avenger's Age of Ultron from the looks of the trailer they leaked for Age of Ultron the other day. It could even be darker than the DC films that have come out in past years. Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, and Man of Steel. Even though that's pushing it. It could make sense, Our favorite superheroes fighting one and other for a cause that could harm certain heroes. If you don't know what the Civil War story line is about It will be explained.

The Marvel Civil War
The Marvel Civil War

The U.S. Government passes an act called the Superhero Registration Act. Making heroes act under strict official regulation. The superheroes against this act are lead by Captain America and the ones that support the act are lead by Iron Man leaving Spider-man in the middle. Through the story the heroes fight one and other. The heroes that were for the Act attempt to arrest the heroes that were against it. Leaving the heroes divided and have to fight one and other. There is a massive battle in New York with the two sides. Iron Man and Captain America fight almost to the death in the end, but before Captain America could deliver the finishing blow he is stopped by the other anti-registration heroes. The Act passes and the heroes are placed in a camp to train, after the training they are assigned to a similar "Avengers Initiative team. This is also the comic series where Captain America is shot and killed by Crossbones.

The rumor has it this will happen in Captain America three. not the Civil War story. We know that's is going to happen for sure. I'm talking about the assassination of Captain America by Crossbones. But what will happen in the two part third Avengers film then? You can't just kill the leader and then aspect to have a suitable replacement! It could be Falcon or Bucky Barnes aka. The Winter Solider, but nothing has been confirmed. With the announcement of the up coming films, we could see a big twist in the stories. Age of Ultron coming out in May, it has been confirmed that the Avengers roster will change...Could we see a death in the Avengers? I think they are messing with us, yes the roster will change! Vision, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are going to join. It doesn't have to mean death all the time. Many new films have been confirmed and those heroes could appear in possible future "team up" movies. It will be interesting how they will bring them together in the near future. Marvel and the rest of the world will ask the fans of the Marvel films one question...Who's side are you on? Its up to you to make the right choice.

Thanks for reading! Anything to add? Want to share your feelings for the Civil War Story and heroes you would like to see in the film? Or anything to add about the announcement? Comment below! Play nice we are all friends here!


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