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There has been a wild fire of speculation on the Internet yesterday with unconfirmed reports that the most vile lying twofaced BITCH (I hate to use the word for a woman but she SO was one!!) to ever invade our TV screens was coming back to the show for its third season!! Reports were floating around that actress Lorraine Toussaint’s ‘Vee’ was seen on set of

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Well folks I'm here to tell you the official word from NETFLIX is.....


A definite......."NO"!! Netflix has now denied any reports by saying, “She is not going to be in season 3.”

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Vee vs. Red

For the ones who have seen all of Season 2, we know just how awesome Lorraine Toussaint’s ‘Vee’ was during the entire time. It is a shame to hear she will NOT be returning to [Orange Is the New Black](series:761587) to wreak even more havoc. Without spoiling anything....I think this is better not to have her return as per the way she was left at the end of the season there is nothing to say she won't be back in some sort of fashion during flashback scenes!!

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The Cast

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