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Star Wars Episode 7 has one of the most tightly guarded film sets ever, but that hasn't stopped that leaks coming and coming. Paparazzi have even flown unmanned drones over the set to gets shots of the Mileenium Falcon, X-Wings, and what looked like Adam Driver in a Jedi Pilot's jumpsuit.

Now, though, we may have had one of the biggest revelations of all - but be warned, beyond here lie serious potential:

Star Wars Episode 7 SPOILERS!

New pictures just emerged of a new Sith character, wielding what looks like a lightsaber broadsword - and there are a number of interesting theories floating around about how this character might be.

First of all, though, take a look at him!

Lightsaber BROADSWORD! Darth Revan?
Lightsaber BROADSWORD! Darth Revan?

So who might this be? Well, there are a number of theories - some fans speculated that this was the same character, who has alternately been called the "inquisitor" and the "grave robber" who we saw in those previously leaked pictures, holding Darth Vader's helmet.

How many Sith characters for Star Wars 7?
How many Sith characters for Star Wars 7?

Both characters look evil, and with all those leaks about someone searching desperately for Sith Artifacats, the idea of a "Grave Robber" certainly chimes with some of what we've heard so far. But there might be a more convincing explanation.

Enter Darth Revan!

Revan, later Darth Revan, is a character from the epic and well-loved Star Wars game Knights of the Old Republic. Originally on the light side of the force, Revan was turned to the Dark Side by the Sith Emperor, eventually becoming the feared Darth Revan, also known as Revan the Butcher.

There is a problem with Revan turning up in Episode 7, however. Knight of the Old Republic takes place 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin, the famous fight in which Luke destroys the Death Star and takes his first steps to becoming the Jedi Master he is believed to play in Star Wars 7.

But there is some compelling evidence in Revan's favor - he looks like this:

Look familiar? Darth Revan!
Look familiar? Darth Revan!

Of course, the broadsword lightsaber is new, but by the shape of the helmet you can clearly see a relationship between the characters. But could Revan have survived all this time?

Well, the thing is, maybe he wouldn't have to. Just as with other elements of the EU, [Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158) and J.J. Abrams seem pretty happy to take what they want, and leave what they don't. This Darth Revan, is that is who this is, could easily have a backstory completely different to the Revan audiences know from KOTOR.

But is that is the case, why even take him? Why not invent a new character from scratch?

There are many questions still to be explained about this latest Star Wars Episode 7 leak, is that is even what it is. The talk now is that the character and the lightsaber have both already filmed key scenes in England, though this is the first most of us are hearing about him.

So what do you think? Would you be happy to see Darth Revan appear in Star Wars Episode 7? Given that we've already seen the "inquisitor" and the cape-wearing chrome stormtrooper - how many villains does that make now?

Write in with your own thought on who this character is, and whether we will see him in Star Wars 7, below the line!


Do YOU want to see Darth Revan appear in Star Wars Episode 7?


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