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This Halloween, you can nostalgically dip into your past to an era before Youtube - when friends would snuggle up in front of the tube to watch what was aired, trading freedom of choice for a break from the anxiety of choosing. Mee Mee Television, a local network out of NE Florida remembers this era well and are hosting an event to take you there with their ALL NIGHT Halloween movie marathon: The Twisted World Of Durden Godfrey - and we are willing to bet that you have never seen the seven films they have lined up to play. (We will even take it a step further, daring to say that you will never see movies like this again!)

If you are not in NE Florida with the ability to pick Mee Mee TV up with your bunny ears on local channel 18.1...Don't fret - you can stream Mee Mee from anywhere on their website at

Durden Godfrey, the host of the event and writer/director of the films to be played, left this personal invitation on Facebook:

"...I am a local filmmaker from Jacksonville FL, churning out weird works for over ten years now.
I am so thankful for Mee Mee TV giving me the opportunity to showcase the strangest of my projects in a marathon format ALL NIGHT on Halloween!
From 10pm - 7am (est), 7 of my films will play back-to-back! I will be hosting the event and will also be hanging out on this page, posting 'comment-ary' and bonus content to coincide with each film and responding to any questions that are posted.
So, stay safe this Halloween and enjoy a good old fashioned TV marathon with me!"

Check out the promotional video here for a sneak peak:

So, this Halloween - whether you are returning home from trick or treating, stumbling in at 2am from a Halloween party, or decided to play it safe and be a can catch this unique Halloween special offering its own blend of independent treats.


Airing locally in Jacksonville on Channel 18.1
Streaming for free at

Facebook Event Page:

Durden Godfrey will be participating in an all night discussion on the MeeMee TV Facebook page ( ) - posting commentary and bonus features to coincide with each film as well as participating in an ALL NIGHT

Don't miss the truly unique experience and have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


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