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Steven “Geeked Out” Merced

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This week’s episode of Gotham was quite a step up from the last few week’s. The focus was on Bullock this week with some of the subplots getting pushed a little. This is a step in the right direction that the show has desperately been needing, if they continue with this path the show will greatly improve.

We start this week with a flashback of Bullock and Detective Dix investigating an old warehouse for a kidnapping. We see Harvey as a young brash cop who is eager to take on the world, kind of how Gordon is now. Detective Dix is a lot like Harvey is now and gives him Gotham’s golden rule “No Heroes”. After Bullock and Dix find the perpetrator Randell Milke he takes out Detective Dix with a trapdoor and Bullock is left to take down Milke. Back in present day we see Bullock at a crime scene with the same M.O. as Milke from 10 years before. Bullock is obviously annoyed to have a copy cat a crime he thought was solved years ago. We see Edward being his usual annoyance with the riddles but later in the show we see him interact with a file clerk named Kristen Kringle. It was interesting seeing him interact with a female and that what he did was socially awkward. We also see Bruce and Alfred interact a little in this episode with them discussing the Spirit of the Goat kidnappings. Alfred thinks it would be a good idea for him to leave town since the Goat is focusing on rich first born, he responds in a typical Bruce fashion “Let the Goat take me, there is no one to take me from”. The look on Alfred’s face shows he is hurt by this remark but doesn’t want to say so.


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