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Steven “Geeked Out” Merced

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For comic fans, especially Flash fans, saying tonight’s episode of The Flash is huge is an understatement. Tonight, Wentworth Miller joins the cast as Leonard Snart, the one and only Captain Cold. “Going Rogue” is a solid episode that begins to dive deeper into the interpersonal relationships and builds up larger complications for Barry.

Leonard Snart has entered Star City and is doing what he does – robberies. He’s robbed banks and has now set his sights on a valuable diamond. Snart is known better as Captain Cold (a name bestowed upon him by Cisco) and we see how he gets his cold gun. Joe is dealing with the news that his daughter Iris is dating his partner Eddie in the only way he can probably can – by being grumpy. It’s a weird scenario for them all and it gets weirder when Felicity comes to town. She and Barry are both dealing with the same troubles of the heart but she also causes some jealousy for the Star lab team.


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