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Following Robert Orci's departure of the captains...well, directors chair earlier this month, the Enterprise looked to be drifting through space with no one to take the helm. Thankfully this worrying inactivity has been brief now that Paramount have apparently appointed Justin Lin to take over Star Trek 3.

The report comes from Deadline who revealed that Lin will be following in the franchise-based footsteps of Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness director J.J. Abrams, who is off in another galaxy awakening a force or some such. The site also staes that Lin was Paramount's only choice to take over things, negating the rumours that Edgar Wright was being eyed for the job. Thankfully, Orci won't completely be off the project and will instead simply revert back to a producing capacity.

Admittedly Lin seems like a safe choice, considering that he's no stranger to handling franchises, having already revved the engine of Fast and Furious films a whopping four times. Unfortunately, this recent signing to explore strange new worlds and seek out new civilisations will cost Lin to spend time on another planned picture; Jeremy Renner's Bourne spin-off sequel.

It was revealed a while back that Lin was on board to continue the adventures of Alex Cross, another lethal and lone ex-agent from the world of Bourne. Now that he'll be helping Kirk and co. the guess is that The Bourne Legacy sequel will be either postponed, or with the announcement of Matt Damon reprising his role of Bourne, being cancelled completely.

There aren't any further details on what Star Trek 3 will entail, or who will be back on the bridge. As for Lin, you can look forward to seeing him tackle a few other tasks in the mean time, namely the first two episodes of True Detective next year. Is there anything that man can't do?


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