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Jerome Maida

I want Charlize Theron to be cast as the lead of "Captain Marvel". I mean I really, really, really want Charlize Theron to be cast as "Captain Marvel".

First, Carol Danvers should be glamorous. She's supposed to be "Marvel's Wonder Woman".

Theron fits that bill and then some. She's one of the sexiest women to ever walk the Earth.

But of course, Carol Danvers is more than a gorgeous face or hot body. She has to be tough, hard-as-naild and able to kick major ass.

Well, Theron fits the bill there too. She was the best thing about "Aeon Flux", for example.

Acting chops? After all, Marvel Studios does seem to go for Oscar winners/nominees.

Well, Theron fits the bill there as well. Her performance in "Monster" was truly transformative and transcendent. She BECOMES Aileen Wuornos. It is the type of performance that was universally praised, that I can't see even fellow Oscar winners like Gwyneth Paltrow, Halle Berry or Julia Roberts ever pulling off.

Okay, but Marvel's films all have a sense of humor. So we don't want "Captain Marvel" - either the film or the character - to be TOO serious.

Well, Theron has that down as well. She was possibly the best thing about "A Million Ways To Die In The West".

So she should be a no-brainer to land the role, right? She has tons of people pushing for Marvel Studios to cast her as Carol Danvers.

I mean, she has had people pay to see films she's in for 18 years now, unlike the genre fan-favorite Katee Sackhoff.

But therein lies the one main obstacle Theron may have to being cast in the role - or even being strongly considered for it.

A lot of people think Theron may be too old.

Think about that. She has the beauty, the hardware, the humor, the track record and the fan base. Yet a lot of people are worried about her age.

Uh, Charlize Theron is only 39.

Which means she'll be 43 when "Captain Marvel" hits in 2018.

But you know who else was 43 when their first big Marvel superhero film hit?

Robert Downey, Jr.

I don't see nearly as many people complaining that he is too old for the role. If anything, people are clamoring for MORE RDJ as Iron Man. In fact, he will be 51 when "Captain America:Civil War" hits and 54 by the time the second "Avengers: Infinity War" film hits in 2019.

That is the year Charlize Theron will be all of 44, or a decade younger.

So, at 43 (I believe he was cast in the role when he was 41), Downey, Jr. was still considered young enough for a role he will have played in at least seven Marvel Cinematic Universe films by 2019 - yet Theron may never get the chance to star in ONE because she'll be the same age when her movie hits as Downey was when his did.

Does this seem right or just to anyone?


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