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Katrina Stagg

Lionsgate played our hero yesterday! The studio giant released 8 interactive character posters for the highly popular Young Adult film, [Insurgent](movie:949018)! They had us all hooked with their ingenious ploy of releasing one poster an hour on the hour, every hour. Let's all just look at these posters and admit right now that we were totally updating like loyal followers, too. They had everyone coming back for more all day long and delivered every time with each new fan-friendly interactive image. Hook, line, and sinker.

All of the posters that you now can't stop playing with are available at The Divergent Series, along with other interactive elements to the film.

If you're askin' me, which you are (in my mind) since you're here reading my words and all, they are totally worth checking out!

Play away!


Which Poster Is Your Favorite


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