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Hey MP Gang!

I haven't been able to post in a while because of school going on, but I wanted to try to post at least once every other week and make sure I'm heard.

So I have been an SNL fan for about half my life and I have done my best to keep up with it over the years. If I couldn't watch it, I would try to hear about the highlights or watch random clips. But this season has been different. For the first time since Kenan Thompson's first couple years a full time cast member, I, Dan Hopman, have hopped back on the SNL train and have watched every (4) episodes this season!

I can only catch it on Hulu Sunday nights, but it's still watching it.

I've been reading some bad reviews about this season and, to be honest, it upsets me a little bit. The reason why I stopped watching it was because it was going downhill, but I think this season has been the best since Bill Hader and Andy Samberg have been on there. BUT that's just my opinion. I haven't stuck with it the last 3 or so years.

I don't see a lot of posts about SNL on here so I think I can get my foot in the door as that 'SNL guy on Moviepilot'. So every week I want to review each episode for anyone who doesn't have time to watch it on Saturday nights (or Sundays for us Hulians out there).

Since I am four episodes behind and went on this long rant and have probably lost most of my readers by now, I will just talk about some of my favorite moments in each episode.

Episode 1: Chris Pratt and Ariana Grande

I love Chris Pratt, so I was very happy to see him host the season premier.

The episode overall wasn't the best, I'll admit it, but it wasn't the worst. It immediately kicked things off with jokes about the NFL, which leads into Pratt's monologue. He was clearly nervous during his monologue, but he was still charming either way. He even had the support of his wife Anna Farris in the audience which was adorable.

Again I say, it wasn't the best episode, but I was able to experience Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett for the first time with a sketch called Roommates. The awkwardness of the sketch is what made me love it so much and it was probably my favorite one throughout the episode.

I didn't know that Cecily Strong was doing Weekend Update anymore, and I was pretty upset about it. But I quickly became a fan of Michael Che and Colin Jost as anchors. They are the best two anchors update has seen since Fey and Fallon.

Other highlights: Legends (Where Aidy Bryant and Chris Pratt communicate through rap songs) Marvel can't go wrong (Movie trailers for future Marvel movies) and Alive Toys (Pictured above. That should be enough)

Ariana Grande: She did pretty good. Not a memorable performance, but it was cool to see her on there.

Episode 2: Sarah Silverman and Maroon 5

This was a good episode. The monologue showed Sarah's charm by complimenting an audience member, making that audience member compliment her, and by taking questions from a younger version of her from when she was on SNL.

My favorite sketch of the night was, of course, Kyle Mooney's and Back Bennett's Poetry. I recommend you youtube it because it really made me notice Mooney and Bennett's style of comedy and it's a style that I love. I look forward to their stuff every week.

Other highlights: Obama 60 minutes, Vitamix, and the Fault in Our Stars sequel.

Maroon 5 did surprisingly well. I am a fan of Adam Levine and his voice, but I am not a huge fan of his songs if that makes any sense. Adam even made an appearance as Freddie Mercury which I thought was pretty cool.

Episode 3: Bill Hader and Hozier

This was just a great episode. I have liked Bill Hader since that Weekend update segment where him and Andy Sandberg went face to face with impressions. Bill Hader did actual impressions where Andy would yell in his voice 'hey, I'm (who ever they are impersonating), whats up!!!" and would naturally get the bigger cheer. Check out the entire episode, but mostly check out Weekend update and see Stefon. Kristin Wiig was also in this episode, but as much as I like her acting, I didn't like her on SNL. I know, I know.

The best part about the episode is when Hader is giving thanks to everyone and he actually starts to tear up. That is so heart warming because it shows how much that show means to people like him. I even almost started crying with him. It was just nice to see.

Hozier was different. I've never heard of him before, but it was enjoyable.

Episode 4: Jim Carrey and Iggy Azalea

This was one of those very rare episodes where it starts out kinda bad, but then it gets so much better as it goes on. I wasn't a fan of the opening, the monologue, or the Carrey reunion, but the rest was awesome.

I'm sure you guys have seen the Lincoln ads by now with Jim as Matthew McConaughey and if you haven't, go check it out. While you are there, check out Geoff's Halloween Emporium.

I don't even want to talk about Iggy's performance. I have a pretty open mind about music, but that was the worst performance on SNL I have ever seen.

So Now I am all caught up. Next week is Chris Rock with Prince where they have already announced that instead of doing two separate songs, Prince will perform for an uninterrupted 8 minutes so that should be interesting.

My next post will be a little more organized and less rushed. I will only have one episode to cover instead of four.


Which episode did you guys like better so far?


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