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With the recent announcement of the 'Civil War' story line that will be featured in [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409), the internet has been buzzing with joy while nerds everywhere adding a new found bounce in their steps. Personally with the announcement a few days ago I feel more like a little kid who just received a shiny new balloon and some bully just walked over and popped it. I know I shouldn't cry, but I kind of want to.

Before I continue I just want to say I am not going to mention the obvious holes in the story like, there is no Spider-Man or any X-Men heroes. I am instead going to focus on the holes that will appear in the Marvel Universe we have seen right in front of us on the screen.

Here is why, first I will admit I am a Marvel guy through and through. I read a chunk of Marvel comic books weekly and you will rarely see a DC book in my collection. I am also a purist when it comes to the source materials. Just ask any of my friends when we walk out of the theater from the newest MCU movie (usually at about 3 a.m., we love the midnight showings) all of my friends joke, but not really joke, that it’s time for Nick’s one hour rant on what was wrong with the movie. Now that doesn't mean I hate these movies, I love these movies (with the exception of Iron Man 3). I understand the argument that they happen within a different universe and there are the realities of actor’s willingness to continue with projects (I’m talking to you Mr. Weaving) and I know there is only so much they can really put on screen.

However, I hold Marvel to a higher standard. I expect them to continue to break the mold...but I cannot help to see a little bit of fear in their eyes as they decided to go with the 'Civil War' story line. At around that same time DC’s two most popular heroes are set to face off and fight head to head in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice; Marvel now wants two of its headline heroes to go blow for blow with each other? I find that to be a little odd timing but, before we begin the "chicken or the egg?" conversation here that Marvel had plans before DC released theirs it still appears that Marvel is unoriginal here. Marvel was supposed to give us the movies we deserve, not the ones we want right now.

Give us the secret invasion!

Marvel's Civil War
Marvel's Civil War

Historically the 'Civil War' storyline is one of my least favorites, and If you haven’t read it and you really don’t want to, go head over to Wikipedia and look up their (good enough) synopsis of it because this article is too long already for me to explain it here... So, okay, good you're back, or never left but whatever. I never really bought into the fact that this is something Captain American and Iron Man would have gotten physical over. I am not the biggest Iron Man fan but I am a GIANT Cap fan. I believe that realistically Cap would have still fought for the side that he did however, I believe that he would not ever in his right mind fight one of his fellow Avengers. I believe that he would have told Tony he can do his thing and he will do his and I believe he would have held Tony off had they ran into each other but I think in no way would Cap have used some of the trickery he did in the story. I don’t see him taking fighting Tony as far as he did.

When it comes to the movie however my biggest question is how could they do the Superhuman Registration Act when literally none of our current heroes have secret identities? Kevin Feige has acknowledged that point and has said that all of the wording of the Superhuman Registration Act will remain minus the hidden identities being revealed. Meaning that Iron Man is fighting to have heroes join the government as agents (that sounds so unlike our RDJ Iron Man doesn't it?) and Cap in his role against it fighting for heroes rights to work independently. What in the world will be Cap’s argument for his position? The only argument in the comics for his position is that revealing their identities and what that could do for their lives. He uses his own life as an argument for why; Cap says that he chose his life and that he is prepared to deal with the risk associated with it. He knows he can not have a normal life, normal kids, normal wife, or a normal anything.

What’s going to be Caps argument now? “I don’t agree with Obama care and its benefits so are heroes deserve more!” I just don’t see Cap saying a regular paycheck with benefits and, from what I am reading and seeing, zero downfalls are a bad thing for our heroes. Maybe it’s who they would be working for? Who would that be? Not SHIELD I bet. I like the show but I just don’t see anything from the show being cannon with the movies. The US military? I doubt Cap has always been a big believer in them. Congress? Doubtful they ended up in Cap 2 being just as corrupt as SHIELD!

I think that there are hundreds of better story lines out there that they could have followed for Captain America 3. I want to see the Red Menace story line, there are so many to choose from, I’m even a fan of the Dimension X story line! Although I doubt that would ever make it to the big screen. I really do think they are just doing this story line to “kill cap off.” I say it that way because I believe that he will be back for the Infinity war movies. This is such a bad story line for them to follow that even in the current comic book universe it appears to me that the Civil War has never happened. Like a lot of stories when it comes to comics continuity doesn't always matter, but the good things stick, and it seems like to me a lot of the civil war stuff didn't.


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