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Hot on the heels of a live-action Archie comic series comes another announcement from pretty much everyone's childhood: Richie Rich is back! Remembered by many of my generation as Macaulay Culkin's troublemaking, but economically and socially concerned rich kid - or by the generations before me as the star of a long-running comic series - the world's most beloved "poor little rich boy" is making his return on Netflix, in a show produced by new media company, Awesomeness TV.

What's more, we'll see a familiar face in the role: Jake Brennan, the young actor who portrayed a boy scout on the sixth episode of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., will star in a role that sees Richie rise to wealth after inventing and selling a "cool new green technology".

While the show looks to have a modern spin on how Richie became wealthy in the first place - originally, the boy was born into wealth, and used his privilege in a fashion that mixed Bruce Wayne and Indiana Jones to help the less fortunate. Richie was an adventurer, and traveled the world learning about other cultures and helping others. The 1994 adaptation of the comic focused more on an inner-city aspect, where the character went on an extreme adventure after becoming friends with neighborhood children in the Big City.

With Culkin's Richie Rich bombing at the box office, but becoming a cult classic on home video (with over three times more than box office sales) the film is a somewhat permanent fixture in the memories of 90's kids everywhere.

Here's what we're (read: I, me, I am, duh) hoping our new Richie will have:

A Sense of Humor

Richie was something of a troublemaker, enjoying almost no punishment for his actions (but also not going Full Bieber and becoming a walking health hazard). He interrupted meetings, pulled off major pranks, and often made fun of uptight adults within his social spectrum.

Over-the-Top Possessions

"You have your own McDonald's?!"
"You have your own McDonald's?!"

Which, in 1994, meant that owning a private in-home McDonald's was a huge deal. These days, I'd prefer a Chop't, so I'm wondering if this particular joke will get parodied for a modern-day audience.

Crazy Technology

Not unlike Bruce Wayne, Richie always possessed top-notch technology, which he would use for games, pranks, and sometimes solving a mystery. With today's innovation, one can hope for something way more advanced than an IBM with a Dad GPS installed. Richie also has a robot maid, and knowing Awesomeness TV, we can expect a few upgrades with her - deadly bodyguard robot maid? I should hope so!

Granted, this show's target audience will be younger children, but for those of my generation who decided to become parents (and their parents, and their parents) I hope the show is chock full of winks and nods to the Richie we know as well!


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