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So, in the past, conspiracy theorists were just the crazy people who would walk around the mall shouting things that nobody paid attention to. But it's 2014 y'all, and that means these same crazy people can actually gain a following... like not a big one. But still, a following. For instance, this dude William "the Tap" Tapley has a YouTube channel where he gives paranoid "updates" on the inner workings of the Illuminati and their plan to thwart the Catholic Church.... and really just mess everybody's stuff up in general, apparently.

Tapley has a SERIOUS problem with the popular boy band One Direction's newest music video that features Danny DeVito... or, the representation of the Anti-Christ in Tapley's mind. It definitely seems innocent enough (see below).

So yeah, just a cute video about how everyone wants to steal each member of One Direction's girls. It makes sense. The girls that the guys in One Direction date are probably pretty spectacular. These girls are out here stealing the hearts of arguably the most famous dudes in the world. It really is naturally going to be the case that people want to steal them. So, that's my breakdown. Seems fair, seems fun, seems innocent... and it's catchy, I can't lie.

But, Tap has a completely different take on things...

Centering around the fact that Danny DeVito is apparently the Antichrist, Tap breaks down the video bit by bit and I really have to say he's WARNING US! The signs are all there! Mainstream media is out to get us and has a secret agenda! Haha, just kiddin' you, he's actually just really, really crazy.

To say that this guy's theories are a stretch is pretty much the biggest understatement ever. DaVito's role in the video is nothing short of harmless. But to play devil's advocate here (no pun intended), I think that he has a point that if the Illuminati really wants to brainwash the masses of young people effectively and quickly, doing so in a One Direction video is pretty brilliant. It's been up for five days and has around 14 million views so far, so it would be some pretty great target marketing, honestly.

Buuuut, I think most of those people are too busy staring at Harry Styles and his hair to care.

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