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They had their lives and careers melted down before their eyes as their reality tv show is brought out to be a hoax. Paranormal Investigators with a passion for the unexplained, people who go where no one dares enter. A job that could get you killed, yet it is all shown to be fake, obliterating the team apart.

Well..... until a man contacts them about a possible Bigfoot sighting, explaining that within his possession, a captured monster lies. So what happens, the old gang gets back together, but this time, to unveil the hoax's that other people have brought upon themselves, but what they get is more than they bargained for.

The Lost Coast Tapes is a bone chilling, found footage film that personally, threw me around mentally as i watched it. For some the found footage genre is one that lacks everything a horror movie should be, but there as many who find this genre exciting, scary and outright awesome to experience.

This movie is slow to get into the swing of things but thats what draws the audience in, bringing them into a real storyline with no "found footage" of monsters, paranormal activity or the unexplained until the moment when they step out of their van in the forest that leads to an old man's house.

The man claims he has a Bigfoot and they decide to take the journey before it gets dark and see it for themselves, to prove to the world it isn't true and to bring back their careers and hoax investigators.

But what they find is more than they could have ever imagined and the hunt begins.

Blood curling screams echo through the night has the crew runs for their lives back the way they came, sprinting through the shrubbery as something big slowly closes the gap between them.

The camera is pointed backwards the there, just long enough for the audience to see are two red glowing eyes bounding towards them.

Before they know it they are back at the old mans house. bolting through the front door as the old man throws on his electric fence that keeps them all alive for another night.

The fast action paced scenes crossed with mind boggling "found footage" tapes bring The Lost Coast Tapes into a new dimension of scare tactics.

A lot of people dislike this movie because it wasn't more showing of the creature. But i believe it was necessary and worked better. Making us use our imagination as we watch to think up what these monsters actually look like, an old technique seen in the early 80's movies when cgi was first being really developed.

There is quite nothing like this movie, with a new angle and twist on the believability of wether or not Bigfoot exists.


Thats up to you to decide.


Do you believe in Bigfoot


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