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I'm a Fan Theorist. I give ridiculous predictions for movies and TV shows. I'd like to call them "Ridictable Theories"!
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I love fan theories. The last theory I did was with two of my favorite movies. This theory I would like to dive into is based on two of my favorite TV Shows. The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad!

This theory isn’t something new. There are YouTube videos and internet posts about this, but I would like to not only talk about the connections between the two but even talk about possible cameos of key characters from Breaking Bad who could show up in the later seasons of The Walking Dead.

1. Merle’s Blue Crystal Meth from Jesse Pinkman

In the season 2, episode 2 of The Walking Dead: T-Dawg cut his arm pretty bad. Daryl Dixon was able to help out by getting his brother Merle’s stash which contained not only various medications for pain killers, but down in the bottom of the bag had Blue Crystal Meth. This was an obvious nod to Breaking Bad.

In season 4, episode 12 of The Walking Dead: Daryl confirmed that Merle stole from a drug dealer who shockingly bore the same description as Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad. He even said Jesse’s iconic catch phrase.

Could’ve Jesse Pinkman been Merle’s drug dealer before the walkers took over?

2. Heisenberg and The Governor

In season 3 of The Walking Dead The Governor lists a number of people who were killed after Rick’s ambush. One of those listed people is… wait for it… Heisenberg! Heisenberg is a name that Walter White gives himself in Breaking Bad. Now this may be a stretch, but this would mean that Walter didn’t die in the last season. All we saw at the end was the camera zooming away from Walter’s face as he laid there motionless.

What if Walter went into a coma, just like Rick Grimes? Walter is then woken up by The Governor (in his earlier stages of becoming evil), and joins his group under the name Heisenberg?

3. Meth Addicts and the Walkers

Now here is an interesting theory. Nobody really knows what started the zombie... er, "walker apocalypse" in The Walking Dead. I'm betting that the blue meth is the cause of all the walkers. In the first season of [The Walking Dead](series:201193), Rick and Shane are chasing three guys in a speeding car. Once the chase comes to an end, they're faced with a shootout that results in Rick being in a coma. Now why was there a need to show those three guys speeding in the first place? Better yet, why were they speeding? The only obvious reason that they would be running from the cops is if they were previously part of a criminal act. What if that act was drug dealing blue meth? This would make perfect sense for how the outbreak started!

4. Is Gus Undead?

Who can forget that memorable scene where Gus came out of a hospital room after an explosion? I mean even with half a face, he still managed to straighten his tie before he died… or did he? What if Gus was the first case of the after effects in becoming a walker? I mean in away Walter did give Gus a taste of his own medicine. What if that medicine was meth in that bomb? It's been done before when Walter faced the first drug dealer who tried to cheat him.

5. Glenn’s Dodge Challenger

And then there's the Dodge Challenger. Obviously Walter bought a Dodge in one of the episodes, but this particular Dodge was given to him by the General Manager named Glenn. And who is the Korean pizza delivery guy that is using a Dodge Challenger to escape from flesh eating walkers? You guessed it… Glenn!
As a recap and a conclusion, I am set on the theory that Walter’s Blue Crystal Meth from [Breaking Bad](series:720987) was the catalyst that made the dead walk the earth again in The Walking Dead!

What do you think? Am I high on something or is this a theory you can really sink your teeth into?


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