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In case you weren't aware, today is National Cat Day! (Wait, you mean that's not headline news?!)

The official purr-pose (sorry, I couldn't help myself!) of the day is to raise awareness for shelter cats, the importance of spaying/neutering (which goes hand in hand with reducing shelter crowding), and encouraging people to look to their local shelter if they want to add a furry family member.

Marvel, never one to let an opportunity to do something fun pass them by, have got in on the action today by posting a series of alternate covers, featuring some of our favorite cats.

Created by artist Jenny Parks, the covers show Spider-cat, Iron-cat, Wolverine-cat (sorry, I couldn't think of a better name) and of course, Thor with his hammer.....mew-mew! (Darcy Lewis would be thrilled...)

Of course, Jenny isn't the only artist to create super-furry-heroes, so I collected a few other re-imaginings for you guys! I hope you enjoy them (c'mon, who on the internet doesn't love cats?), and that even if you are not in the position to run out and adopt a cat, that this may inspire you to help out in another way; donations of food, toys, blankets and money to shelters (not to mention donating your time!) can all help an animal in need.

I especially love this collection by Alana McCarthy:

Or how about this Meow-vel universe by Suzuran (deviantart)

Looking for something a little less cartoonish? Check out this incredible Cat-lops by Rogan Josh.

And finally, the bat-verse as a cat-verse, by STAR Kageboushi.

Happy National Cat Day from myself, Smurf and Tiberius!


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