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Okay, so... after watching Avengers: AoU trailer, seeing the Marvel movie slate, listening to a podcast that I really don't even like and DC being told to give up by a whole lot of fans... I realized that no matter what DC does ... IT WILL ALWAYS BE CRITICIZED! Now remember, the only movie thus far for the DCCU is Man of Steel, which had mixed reviews, but nonetheless the universe will continue.

Let's put the rumors and speculation aside for a second and think... what truly drew the line? I know some of you guys didn't like MoS, and have constant DC-to- Marvel comparisons but let's take a look.

Man of Steel

Personally, I enjoyed MoS. It wasn't perfect, but what movie is? Anyway, let's get to the complaints. Apparently, it had no character development, too much action and destruction, unsatisfactory dialogue, emotionless, pacing problems, no character motivations, dark, gritty, and the list goes on and on...

Now I can say this movie was heavy criticized, but then I'd be wrong apparently. A lot went on with management in this movie I believe. It was also pushed too. Anyway, if this movie would've been an Iron Man 1 quality movie with other movies too back it up, then maybe people could've overlooked it. Though, should of had a Bruce Wayne cameo.


I for one am looking forward to seeing exactly how these actors will portray their characters. To be honest, I was against the big 3 castings at first (Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, and Jesse Eisenberg.) I grow to accept it because of how they look in their suits.

Well, Ben Affleck's career has gotten a lot better since Daredevil, that and the movie wasn't his fault. Also, Gal Gadot was criticized about being too small and not being a good actress for Wonder Woman. Eisenberg being accused of not being the right guy for Luthor. We can go on and on about casting, but the big 3 were the ones that hit us the most.

Movie And Direction

I'm pretty sure a lot of you were worry about the first ever Batman and Superman movie. They moved the date twice and now the movie is set to release in March 25, 2016. Again, a lot of stuff was happening in management and the script too. Zack Synder's vision is criticized a lot and is shown in movie reviews.

Another thing that discourage fans was the direction, which the movie is inspired by Dark Knight Returns. Bruce Wayne in BvS will be in his mid 40s, which actually isn't that bad because people wouldn't want to see another Batman origin movie. Also, people are skeptical about the direction of the DCCU. Though, it seems that WB/DC has a plan now, they really can't do special events, at least for now.

Relying On These Guys

Personally, I think that Batman and Superman should always be the first movies in a DCCU, like how Iron Man started the MCU. This one is self exclamatory. The Nolan trilogy definitely held up a DCCU. They gave Green Lantern a try, but you know how that turned out. There was suppose to be a World's Finest movie in the 90s and a Justice League as well.

A lot people would agree that there is too much of these guys, especially Batman! People's real concern was no Wonder Woman (until now), but people have to understand the female superhero movie are hard to execute. Now, a MoS sequel and a Batman movie are no where in sight, maybe they don't have to be relied on them after all (though I heard both will have movies, just not shown on schedule yet.)

Final Verdict: I probably haven't listed everything, but DC from here on out will be criticized at any turn. The casting, direction, and of course the wait (2016) is something that doesn't boot well. Ben Affleck has proven to be a great actor, however, it doesn't change the fact that people will still hate him. DC has a gap from 2013 to 2016 which is huge. Another concern was the fact the Arrow Universe will not be link, but they're apart of a multiverse. Some fans want them to take their time (which they're doing), some want them to start over, some want them to recast, and others want them to give up. What I say is this, let's see exactly what's in stored for us. The same way people say this could go bad really fast, others say this can be a huge success, but for now... we don't know. Remember, everything takes time.

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