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By now everyone should know about the animated phenomenon known as Adventure Time. The hit tv show for kids, that has captivated a much different audience spectrum without even trying.

Ask anyone about the show and they either hate it or love it, no one can have undecided opinions.

The show is set in the land of Ooo, a magical world with loads of settings and characters that can only be described as creative and unique. Using imagination to bring to life Jake and Finn and their counterparts of good and evil, a fast paced children's show has gone deeper than deep with the themes and messages behind it that grab the older audience and keep them hooked for life.

The show doesn't disappoint if you get into it with a new story and setting every episode, new characters and new plot lines that more often than not have a theme or message as the driving force. Using over the top comedy and modern day ideologies to bring across something that will connect with audiences everywhere, Adventure Time shows us that being childish is something that stays with us for life and its not a bad thing to delve back into the land of Ooo whenever we are in need of our inner self.

But that is just one thing that connects us with the hit show. Those driving themes and messages are related to adults and teenagers more than anything and it is often glossed over as a stupid show because people don't understand that we relate more to this show than any other.

Watching just one episode is often enough to get you hooked. When you really start getting into it, the messages come out with themes such as love, hate, friendship, working life, childish nature, helping others and thousands of other either basic or complex problems and ideologies we in todays era possess and have to deal with.

It brings a new way of opening up the topic of our own personal lives and delivers an emotional roller coaster of laughs and sadness as Jake and Finn adventure around each day with something new around every corner.

Wether or not you enjoy the show that is up to you, but you cant deny that everyone has a feel for this show regardless.

Delve into the land of Ooo and discover what it has to offer.

You might be surprised!


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