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Okay, readers. I was overcome with joy at the news of a Suicide Squad movie. It's one of my favorite titles in the New 52, and it should be one of the best comic book movies ever. I've been thinking for a while now about who I could include in a fancast for a suicide squad movie. Now, it's easier because of all of the rumors. I'll go ahead and start with the fan casting. I'll be including as many members as I can.

1.) Deadshot: Ryan Gosling.

Deadshot is the most important member of the Suicide Squad. He is most commonly in the leading role, and he doesn't take any crap from anybody, not even from Amanda Waller. I think that Ryan Gosling could easily portray the team's sarcastic bad boy. He looks like Floyd Lawton, he talks like him, he's perfect for the role.

2.) Harley Quinn: Margot Robbie

Have you seen Wolf Of Wall Street? If not, then stop reading this right now and watch that freaking movie. It's amazing. And if you have seen it, then you will know how perfect Robbie is for the job.

3.) Captain Boomerang: Tom Hardy

Now, most other fan casting attempts that I have seen have chosen Tom Hardy to be Deadshot. I however, think that he would be amazing as Captain Boomerang.

4.) Black Spider: Will Smith

I think that the Suicide Squad needs a heroic figure to help round out he team and make it more dynamic and interesting. I think that Will Smith is most suited to suit up as Black Spider.

5.) Killer Frost: Cara Delevingne

Similarly to the way that fans have been fan casting Tom Hardy as Deadshot, some people have been wanting Cara Delevingne to play Harley Quinn. I think that she would to a much better job as Killer Frost, the cold villain.

6.) Killer Shark: CGI+A guest actor's voice (Maybe Vin Diesel or Ron Perlman)

I don't want this character to just be some wrestler or football player with no acting chops. I think that it should be simply CGI. It would make sense, because in the comics, he is not a man at all. He is a shark god. Of course, if he had a powerful, deep from by Diesel or Perlman, that would make the character classic.

7.) Black Manta: Michael Ealy

Ealy did really well in Almost Human. Ealy would do well as Black Manta. Black Manta would be a great addition to the team. Simple math.

8.) Deathstroke: Daniel Day Lewis

Deathstroke is the kind of character who steals the show. Daniel Day Lewis is the kind of actor who steals the show. That is why I don't think Deathstroke should be on the Suicide Squad... I think that he should be the first antagonist. Deathstroke should be the "bad guy" for the first film at least (assuming that there will be sequels), then he can join the team at the end (after he is defeated and incarcerated). But for the first film, Deadshot and Harley Quinn should really be the main focus, with a little bit of focus the rest of the ensemble.

Supporting Cast/Less Important Members of the Team-

8.) El Diablo: Jay Hernandez

I know more about El Diablo than I know about Jay Hernandez. I've seen Hernandez in a few movies, but he has never really caught my attention. But, that is part of why he would be good for the role (aside from the fact that he looks the part), El Diablo isn't really a show stealing character. In fact, he's more of a throwaway character, but those are all important in Suicide Squad Movies.

9.) Amanda Waller: Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington is perfect for the role. Simple.


I'm sticking to the idea of Amanda Waller having the team go after Deathstroke. I think that the team should start off as mostly throwaway characters (such as Voltaic, Savant, Multiplex, Yo-Yo, Clock King). Of course, there needs to be an example character; one that gets his/her head blown off as an example near the beginning. Then they will add a few more important characters onto the team. The team could then fight Deathstroke, a few more throwaways dying. At the end, Deathstroke would be placed on the team, setting up for a good sequel.


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