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Agent Carter is a show that I am truly excited about - not just for the strides that it is making for female-fronted superhero shows, but also because it takes place in a time period that has always fascinated me. I'm looking forward to the visuals as well as the storyline; seeing the style and hearing the slang of the 40s. Now we get a glimpse of it all in this new tv spot.

If this new TV spot is anything to go by, we won't be disappointed. While it is short, it's visually stunning. I love the color palette especially; the whole thing has something of a sepia tone, and it just suits the concept perfectly. I truly hope that the entirety of the show fits just as well with the time period.

I've written more about how I think that Agent Carter could be absolutely groundbreaking as a platform for equality and issues of sexism, and while some may feel that this ad hammers the point home a little too hard, I'm simply glad to see that they will definitely be addressing these issues.

More than that, it looks like the show will be addressing the "strong woman" stereotype in a new way. As someone who is more than a little sick of "warrior women" and ball-busters in black leather (sorry, [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](series:722469)), I was really thrilled by the slow stocking shot and the look of her costumes. The line between "feminine" and "kick-ass" is a hard one to cross, and while Black Widow may bring sexy to the playing field, few people would call her delicate. The idea of having a new form of "strong woman", one with skirts and curls and bright red lipstick is something rarely seen and incredibly exciting.

Agent Carter begins on ABC, January 2015.


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