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Here we go, another season of the walking dead has come! Yea! Anyone else excited to see what happens next? So much, going on the first three episodes here so lets break it down by episode. Fair warning these will be spoilers if you have not yet read the Comics or seen these episode. Please read after you have seen them.

1. "No Sanctuary"
1. "No Sanctuary"

1. "No Sanctuary"

  • Everyone is locked up in the train car. And that last thing we heard was from rick stating, "there gonna feel pretty stupid, when they find out...there messing with the wrong people" something along those lines. The version in the Comics was filmed and is on the season four deleted scenes.
  • Everyone shared quick stories with each, while arming.
  • Rick, Bob, Daryl, and Glen where taken to the slaughter house!
  • Lucky! Carol saved the day.
  • Lets have three cheers from Carol! Hip Hip Hurray! Hip Hip Hurry! Hip Hip Hurray!
  • Carol even got everyone's weapons back, expect from Michone sword, she does get it back in Episode three.
  • Tyreese protect Judith from near death at the hands of one the terminus people.
  • Carol leads alot of walkers to Terminus, then causes a big explosion! At just the right moment. Makes her way in to find Rick and the others.
  • She ends up catching up to them in the woods and is greeted with a big Hug from Daryl. Then tells Rick you have to come with me right now.
  • Reunited! Judith, Rick, and Carla together again! Tyreese and Sasha reunited. The group is back together! Expect for Beth.
  • I loved this ending the Fans earn that moment of everyone together and alive.
2. "Strangers"
2. "Strangers"

2. "Strangers"

  • Daryl told Maggie about Beth.
  • Carol and Rick found common ground and Rick asked to join her, she said yes.
  • Carol and Tyreese agreed not to say what happen to the two little girls last season.
  • Eugene, fill the others in more on what he knows, but still do not fully explain himself.
  • Introduction of Father Gabriel! into the mix when Rick and the others save him from walkers.
  • They go to Father Gabriel's church, and also get supplies.
  • Abraham fixes up a bus beside the church to use.
  • Bob is taken! Knocked out, and when he was bad. Garth and who was left, ate his leg. But Bob had a big secret!
  • Daryl and Carol took off after a car with the same symbol on that took Beth!
3. "Four Walls and a Roof"
3. "Four Walls and a Roof"

3. "Four Walls and a Roof"

  • Truth about Father Gabriel's he was a coward and did not let anyone else in the church, leading to their deaths.
  • Bob is tainted meat! In the comics I think was Dale right who was tainted meat?
  • Sadly Bob lost his leg and life.
  • The Cannibals meaning that Garth character....met the red machete!
  • This is scene is all the others are writing and talking about for good reason, Rick really let Garth have it.
  • Eugene, Rosetta, Abraham, Glen, Tara, and Maggie all took off for Washington DC.
  • Abraham, gave Rick a map, and Rick told him they were coming.
  • Rick, Michone, Carla, Judith, Tyreese, Father Gabriel, Sasha all stay to wait for Daryl and Carol to return.
  • At the very end, Daryl returned to the group at the Church. Michone asked him were Carol was? He looked down and back to the woods, its OK come out! or something like that. WHO is in the woods! Who did he bring back, Carol I think would have step out on her own. Someone new and Beth! Morgan? Just someone new? O' my we still have to wait several days to find out.
4. "Slabtown"
4. "Slabtown"

4. "Slabtown"

  • I spot a scene with Beth alive! She was waking up in a Hospital room.
  • Then scenes of her trying to leave and fighting back a bit.
  • Not sure what this place is but I have feeling it might the scene from the Comic with Daryl, Mel (his brother) and that other guy. Did they traded out Mel for Beth?
  • And who is behind Beth? Someone new?

5. "The Choice"

6. "Heart Drift"

7. "Crossed"

8. ...

9. ...

10. ...

Just guessing mid-season finale routine around the beginning of December perhaps? And then Returns in Mid-March area?


Who does Daryl tell is alright come out from the woods?


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