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Remember that song in the [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) teaser? You heard it, you knew it. Maybe you didn't recognize the cover version right away, but the melody sounded so familiar. And then Ultron himself brought it all home, completing the telltale lyric as the eerie choral voices dropped out: "There are no strings on me."


In one moment, we were exposed to one of the most unexpected ancillary benefits of Disney owning the MCU: re-imagined versions of classic Disney songs underscoring superhero movie trailers! Songs that, in our childhoods, lent joy to our days and fostered optimism are now reformatted to make something awesome that much more awesome by way of juxtaposition.
This pre-heated my brain oven and now I've baked up a few other ideas for future Marvel movies that could benefit from a little musical Disney rebranding.

5.) 'Everybody Wants to Be a Cat' - Black Panther

Ideally, this would be the song chosen for a Catwoman reboot. But since it'll be a long time until the scars of Halle Berry's Catwoman have healed and we see a standalone Catwoman movie, I had to go a decidedly different route. Aristocats is sadly one of the most overlooked Disney animated films, and the song "Everybody Wants to Be a Cat" is its best scene.

Though it wouldn't quite fit the trailer for the announced Black Panther movie in its current form, I envision a slowed down, tribal version of this song sung by Alex Boye to get us suitably pumped to watch the cinematic adventures of Wakanda's chief and greatest hero.

4.) 'Heigh-Ho' - Deadpool

I know, I know: Fox owns Deadpool, not Marvel. But still, this idea was too much fun not to include. It's clear from his fourth-wall breaking and wise-cracking that Deadpool, alias The Merc with the Mouth, is a guy who thoroughly loves his job. I can't say I blame him. Who wouldn't adore being a mercenary who, for all intents and purposes, just cannot be killed? I am so looking forward to seeing this hilariously unstable anti-hero on the big screen.

Imagine that excellent concept footage leaked after this year's Comic-Con accompanied by a high-speed, punk rock version of "Heigh-Ho" from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs! That would be better than a mountain of piping hot chimichangas! ...Maybe.

3.) 'Under the Sea' - Namor the Sub-Mariner (unannounced)

I know, I know, there hasn't been a Namor movie officially announced...yet. However, if DC's Momoa Aquaman gamble pays off, Marvel may consider dipping their feet into the aquatic superhero pond.

If they were to do so, I could totally see a trailer for the Sub-Mariner movie that elegantly sweeps through visually-stunning underwater landscapes to the ethereal tones of a cover version of "Under the Sea" from The Little Mermaid. My gut says it'll be done by Muse. Yeah, it'll definitely be done by Muse. You know what, maybe we don't need a Sub-Mariner movie after all.

2.) 'Circle of Life' - Thor: Ragnarok

First of all, I could not possibly be more excited that the next Thor film is going to tackle Ragnarok. If they're referring to the specific Thor comic storyline, it means we're getting a cyborg version of Asgard's favored son. However, if, as I truly hope, they are referring to the Norse myth of Ragnarok, then we're talking about full-on Armageddon. Every culture and religion has an end of the world story, but with Ragnarok, not even the gods are spared from the cataclysm! After the world is destroyed and submerged in water, it is said that it will be reborn fertile and pure.

I therefore propose a grandiose funereal cover of The Lion King's "Circle of Life" for the trailer. Perhaps Swedish indiepop act Taken By Trees, who previously provided a somber cover of "Sweet Child of Mine," could take this one on.

1.) 'When You Wish Upon a Star' - Guardians of the Galaxy 2

If this is the only prognostication that proves true, I will be a very happy man. [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) was one of my favorite movies this year, and no small amount of the credit goes to Chris Pratt and his portrayal of hero/scoundrel Peter Quill. I imagine the teaser trailer for the highly anticipated sequel opening with a whimsical voyage through the universe to Jiminy Cricket's beloved refrain of "When You Wish Upon a Star."

First, a spaceship pulls into view. We pan inside the ship as Quill suddenly comes bursting through the wall, clutching some stolen object. He's being chased by guards, he returns their fire. Finally, he kicks a guard in the groin and blasts through a rip in the hull, escaping into space just as the lyrics, "your dreams come true," take us to the title card. Anything can happen when you wish upon a Star-Lord.

Think another classic Disney song would make for a great trailer? Let me know in the comments!


Which Disney song cover would make the best trailer?


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