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I enjoy all aspects of film, specially cinematograph, camera movement, death in storytelling and posters/covers.
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“The Reverse bear trap”

We all know or at least endeavour our understanding of the birth of john’s true insane logic. If it was the death of his unborn child or indeed the cliff hanger of his own death, that lead to his games; challenging the core of the human nature.

We, as his students choose to understand or seek this through the elements that created the beginning. His painted dolls, his children’s toys, his pig’s heads and just like the depth of his husky voice; the ultimate icon of them all, the reverse bear trap.

This trap may not bear the weight and memories of John’s first test, but it is indeed the one that bled the greatest impact of them all.

Imagine, not just the fear, but the sound and weight of a head trap. Closed in, heavy weight sits at the back of your neck, creating this slowing crawling claustrophobia in the back of your mind. You try to understand, you try as you lesion to Jigsaw’s instructions of your untimely fate. To die or not to die.

Fear builds, it becomes overwhelming as the timer echoes in your ear, like an heart beat, faster and louder as the time passes; but if not your own heart, then perhaps his voice, his words counting down, his closer, his in your head. Then there is the weight that consumes around your head; it’s more believable, it feels as if he has you, holding you as you choose your life or theirs.

You choose a fate worse than death or is it strength to live, a skill to survive as John had explained. You struggle as you pull it away, as you pull him away from you; it suddenly drives open. The scream from its jaws races through you as you think, that was almost me.

This trap is my favorite because of this and so much more, as this particular trap has held three life’s, three characters of great importations to John’s games. One of nature fear and their hidden gilt, another, of consumed rage and their own destruction. Last, personal execution of a loyal love. The reverse bear trap has become the most personal and most intermit weapon of choice.

# Not to mention, it does make the best horror SAW poster ever!


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